Baby Courtney Is Here

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missy046 - December 3

Baby Courtney was born on 11/30/07 at 0926hrs weighing 7 lb and 18 1/4 long. No one can believe the her weight as EVERYONE thought she was going to be very large. Anyway, she was born via c-section and I have to say that it was a horrible event. I literallty walked into the OR and started to panic as I sat on the operating table. I could not bear the thought of the pain that was about to happen. My BP was at 200/104 I was so upset. Someone tried to calm me but it was not working. I held onto a nurse for dear life. They said it would not be bad and it probably would not have been that bad if they got the spinal in before the 3rd try. I was screaming my head off the pain was so bad. Well it started working which was really scarey and then I began to vomit as my blood pressure dropped. I was so weird to be vomiting and not able to move. They started prepping me and I was still very anxious. I felt like I was some art project laying on a table. Finally my boyfriend came in and they were ready to begin. The pressure was not to bad and the nausea had far surpassed with meds. Once she came out my bf and I both cried (it was cute because he doesn't cry). She had an apcar of 9 and then 8 5 minutes later which I thought was unsual. But anyway, they told me that the spinal would last 3-4 hours. YEAH RIGHT!! So they take the baby away and my bf leaves. As they are putting me back toghether I can feel the spinal starting to ware off from my belly down. I kept telling them I can feel a lot of pain and they kept telling me it was pressure. They were wrong. Then they started giving me all kinds of drugs but they were not helping. I was able to feel what they were doing and knew that they were suturing. It was awful to say the least. When they moved me over I said look and started moving my upper legs for them. I guess they believed me then. I had 97% iof complete feeling and movement back by the time I left the recovery room. After that I hated laying in bed for 24 hours and only having Toradol. The pain was excruciating and still is (although better). I am truly blessed to have my little girl but it is so hard to enjoy her right now. I just can't wait to feel better. The babies father has been a great help and it is nice to watch him interact with her. He is such a nautrual and she is so daddies little girl. So unfortunatly my birth experience was not a good one. Not to mention all that went on the 2 days after but I will not get into that. Perhaps the bad memories will fade and be filled with good ones but for now I don't think I can do it again. I think I am getting around well and was told by the doctor that they could not believe my progress but I can't sit still. Thank you all for your advice over the months. I wish you all luck and May God Bless!


DaBonkElsMe - December 3

Congratulations on your baby girl! Sorry it was such an ordeal, but at least you and you baby are healthy. Hope your healing goes quickly!



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