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Jen - October 11

Hello ladies. I am just wondering how you know when your baby drops? I had 3 people come up to me today at work and tell me that my baby has dropped, but I really don't feel any diferent. I am due November 26, so isn't it a little early?


kim j - October 11

people have said the same to me. they all say my belly is low and he has dropped. the way my clothes fit i thik he is alot lower aswell. they say you usually dont drop with your 2nd until you go into labor so who knows. i am due nov 14th but think he will be here sooner.


tracy - October 12

this is funny you ask this today - i was going to ask the same thing. yesterday & today ladies in the office have been saying 'ohh you've dropped!' - but i don't really feel any different. i'm due november 18. i thought 'dropping' would feel more significant .. ?


Jen - October 12

Tracy- November 18 is my birthday! Yeah! I agree- I thought dropping would feel like a huge relief in my belly, but I guess if you think about it, the baby is really big at this point, so I guess it is possible not to notice much of a change, although I have noticed that my "bump" starts to emerge right at my pubic bone- it makes all of my pants fit really wierd and bunch up when I walk. Good luck to you!


Jackie - October 12

I am due Dec 3 and a few ladies at work and some in my family have told me that my belly is lower...I wouldnt think I would "drop" this soon...and now I am nervous baby is coming early since I dont have the nursery done!!


klm - October 12

by what I've been told, you will know when baby is in position because it feels like a bowling ball between your legs. I'm still waiting so I can't confirm or deny.


Kz - October 12

I would like to know what it feels like too. It seems as if I've been carrying low the entire pregnancy. So how will I know when she drops? I've had to urinate more in the last couple of weeks, but I haven't notice anything else.


Tonia - October 12

If you feel a lot of pressure in your pelvic area then you have dropped. It's an uncomfortable feeling to me. I'm 39wks and 4 days.


Kelly k - October 13

Of course the feeling is different for each woman.. but let me tell ya.. it HURTS. I have no much pressure on my lower pelvic region that it feels like I'm constantly bruised. Walking is almost unbearable if I've been sitting for a while. I'm due Nov 4th and dropped about a week ago or so. Doc doesn't think I'll make it to my due date.



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