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35 weeks and 5 days - November 22

canu feel your baby drop? can u at least tell if the baby has dropped? i am almost 36 weeks and i know it can happen at anytime now


refresh - November 22

anyone ???


Kristen - November 22

I can tell that my baby has dropped i'm 38 weeks. i feel him down lower now so thats part of how i know he has dropped and also i can't rest my arms on my tummy as high up anymore.


Hey - November 22

With my first, I was out with a walk just over a week before my due date with my mom, and I actually felt my baby drop.That was when I started to waddle!


Ca__sie - November 22

It can be very hard to tell. I had people telling me they thought I had dropped before I even knew myself. I would look in the mirror and not have a clue. My doc finally confirmed it at a visit.


35 weeks - November 22

how far were u when u got that confirmed?


Jaclyn - November 22

I dropped b/w my 34th & 35th week. I couldn't "feel" him drop, but I can tell that I breathe easier & my stomach looks a lot lower b/c it now hangs out of the bottom of my shirt.


L - November 22

My baby dropped at 32 weeks (about 10 days ago0 I was pretty sure she had because the upper part of my abdomen , right below my ribs wasn't so hard, i could eat more than two bites before feeling full and LOTS of pressure on my hips and pelvic floor. The Doc confirmed it yesterday at my appt. I didn't feel her drop though, she just suddenly was lower. and yes my tummy is harder to cover with my shirts now too.


Ca__sie - November 22

To 35 weeks- It was at my 36 week appointment, that the doc confirmed it. She's sitting real low in my pelvis now. I am 37 weeks now.


to 35 weeks - November 22

Did it make you go to the bathroom more or have the urge to use the bathroom?


Kristen - November 22

yes the baby dropping down can cause you to have use the bathroom more often because they are now more on your bladder


dew - November 22

I didn't notice the baby dropped, my family told me. after they told me, I noticed the way I walked changed. I walk like a duck! I recently started feeling more pressure on my pubic bone. I'm sure that means he dropped.


35 weeks - November 23

Well i am pretty sure sure my baby dropped the more i look at myself in the mirror i am carrying different. my stomach isnt so hard as i was carrying so high up and i can actually fell it is softer near my ribs wooohooo makes me all excited:) thanks for sharing everyone


j - November 23

i wasn't sure if/when i dropped but my dr. today confirmed that i had 'cause he did my exam and could feel the baby's head. i really feel the baby (almost like he's curled up and tucked into the right side of my lower hip...way low). I'm 35.5 weeks.


Lena - November 23

Grrr...I'm 37 weeks, and it seems like she is never ever going to drop or anything....maybe I just can't tell? I could always breathe easily, and eat and all...and never really had indegestion or heart pubic bone's been hurting I don't even know. I'm so ready


dew - November 23

O my god J! I can't believe you doctor can feel your baby's head! Does that hurt?


Kristin - November 24

They can feel my baby's head, but say he's still pretty high. Then they said that all the lower pain I have been having is probably from his head. Does that mean he's dropped? I don't get it.



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