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Ronni - January 22

How do you know when the baby has dropped? Around what week does this usually happen? I am only 28 weeks now, but trying to prepare myself for what to expect! Any answers would be greatly appreciated!


Angie - January 22

At my birthing cla__s, the nurse told us you won't always know. That it will be more evident to others than to you. I have no idea when it happens though. Sorry I wasn't much help


Emy - January 22

I am 36 weeks and I am wondering the same thing. I think my baby is starting to drop. Here is what makes me think so: 1. my tummy looks different, like it is lower and more forward than it has been. 2. I can breathe easier than before and can eat more than before. and 3. I have been experiencing a lot more pelvic pressure, like baby is pushing against me down there - her movements aren't as high as well....,.


Counting Down - January 22

Hi Emy, that sounds about right. My baby dropped about 2 weeks ago and this was confirmed by my dr. My stomach looks very different, I am carrying much lower and am also experiencing more pelvic discomfort. Isn't it nice to finally be able to take a deep breath? I've read that labor can begin 2-4 weeks after the baby drops. I'm hoping it starts soon. I am 38 wks and definitely ready to meet this little one.


Annette - January 22

Hi, all! Well, at 36 w my belly does looks much different OVERNIGHT, feels heavier and much lower and I have been indeed experiencing more pelvic/leg/inner thigh/back discomfort.... oh, and I also can fit 3 fingers between my b___st and my belly, which is exactly what I was told would happen once the baby started dropping. Unfortunately I can´t breath better yet, I can´t sleep better yet, I can´t eat better yet and can´t walk without fatiguing and feeling I will pee on myself. Wow, Counting Down, you are almost there!!! Let us know how you progress in the next coming weeks.


Kate - January 22

My baby didn't drop until I was in labour! I even got a kick in the ribs when he was on his way out!!


mommy356 - January 22

When you think about it, all pregnancies are diffrent so there really isnt a sure-fire way to know. I am 34 weeks and I haven't dropped yet, but I think I am starting too just because of the pressure I am feeling in my lower abdomin, but we'll just have to see. My sister didnt drop until just a few days before her baby was born, so you may drop soon, or in a couple months.


Kari - January 22

I noticed the baby dropped at 37 weeks when I felt more pelvic pressure. I've been carrying low so the shape of my belly hasn't changed much. My lower back and my hips have been aching ever since too.



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