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letgo0527 - June 28

Im 38w5d, this is my first pregnancy. My baby still hasnt dropped and my doctor told me to walk for 2 hours a day to try to get him to drop. My question is, with you 1st, have you ever gone into labor without the baby dropping first?? What is the big deal about having the baby drop weeks before labor?? I heard some people never drop until they go into labor, but my doctor is making such a big deal about it and it's really starting to p___s me off.


littlemama1022 - June 28

With your first child, the baby usually does drop weeks before delievery but with your second, the baby most of the time doesn't drop until you are well into labor. I'm not sure what the big deal is though...


Angela - June 28

I think dropping secures the baby into a head down in-your-pelvis position so that the doctor can stop worrying that you might need manipulation or a c-section... just a guess though.


Deb - June 28

I had a friend who just recently had a baby and she went a week past her due date and her baby never dropped. She ended up having a c-section after about 17 hours of labor because she couldn't get the baby down. Maybe Angela's idea is right. I am 38 weeks today and I don't know if mine has dropped. I have a short torso and think it may have but I can't tell for sure because it still looks like I may be carrying high. I have a dr. appt. this afternoon, so hopefully I will find out for sure. If not, I think I will take your doctor's advice and try walking. I want mine to drop, because then I will be rea__sured that labor is on its way. I don't want to go overdue!


3babies - June 28

I have caesars so no great help, except that with my second I went into labour at 38 weeks on the morning of the section and I wasnt aware that I had dropped. He was definitely engaged though because his head was stuck right down in my pelvis and they had difficulty getting him out. My SIL also had two babies who only engaged once she was in labour. I really dont think 2 hours of walking is going to help, except to kill you ... I couldnt walk for two hours if I tried! The only thing I am aware of is that if you spend hours in slumped sitting it is difficult for the baby to engage, and promotes posterior babies so back ache labour.



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