Baby Dropping

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Christina - June 6

Has anyone had pain in the va___a area and pubic bone and inner thighs and then found out it was due to the baby turning head down or dropping? If so, about when did it happen for you?


nelly - June 7

i know its normal to have all the pain and pressure down there and all. but at 29 weeks it had increased tremendously!!! there was so much pressure it got hard to walk and i couldnt stand up straight and i was peeing a lot more!!! and i went to the doctor for my regular checkup and 2nd u/s and the baby was indeed head down. i am 33 weeks now and due july 25 and i am extremely miserable the crying stuff and mood swings are kicking into overdrive!! i guess because my husband admitted to cheating on me. sorry to write that on here but i needed to get it out.


Christina - June 7

I am sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time!! What are you going to do about your husband? I am in the same boat as you as far as pain goes, it is horrible!! I will be 29 weeks this Thursday, due August 26th.


nelly - June 7

we are trying to work things out he never actually slept with this person just talked with her and held her hand and said he enjoyed it but its killing me. of all times why when im 8 months pregnant.he says he doesnt like her romantically and that it was more a friend thing but i dont know about that and he is begging and begging to work things out he says he cant live without me. i want to try but im very scared. thank you for letting me get these feelings out. if you have any more questions about anything i will do my best to answer them for you.


Christina - June 8

Nelly- I really hope it works out for you. I had a similar situation about 2 years ago with my bf who is now my husband. But, we worked it out and we couldn't be happier. Hopefully things will get better for you!! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!!


Alisha Stinson - June 8

Nelly ~ I also went through something similiar with my fiance. We got through it and it was very diffifult, but in the end it just made us stronger. We are are getting married are having a baby boy! Try to hang in there and follow your instinct. As far as baby dropping, I'm 37 weeks and I don't know if he's dropped yet. I mean, I think he has....I have to pee ALL THE TIME but that's nothing new! So I can't really tell...I got to the doctor next week, perhaps he can tell me then.


nelly - June 9

thank you so much for your support it really helps to have someone who understands. we still love each other very much and i tell you now that we are trying to work things out he has never treated me better,he does not go out anymore he stays with me and offers to take me places and just stay home and baby me. i want things to work out we have been together 6 and a half years now and its going to be very difficult to get through, for one thing i have to drive by where she works everyday on my way to work and its hard because i want to go beat her a__s because she was trying to talk him into leaving me and get this he works at a jail and thats how they met she got arrested and has 3 kids she abandoned and does drugs and is 4 years older than him. he said he does not know what he was thinking he said it was not an attraction like he had for me he said tha i was so much more attractive than her and his mom is a good christian woman and knows her and told me my b___t would make her a sunday face i m not quite sure what that means but obviously its agood thing. thank you so much for understanding it means a lot to ladies made me feel better and good luck with your pregnancies!!:)


Josie - June 21

Cheating on you at any time is a good indication something is wrong...we all feel awkward and unattractive at some point in our pregnancies, but having your partner go out with someone else is just disgusting...really great way to show you care...if I caught my hubby with a woman's number I'd be questioning and if he cheated, meaning did ANYTHING remotely romantic, with anyone I'd be gone in a baby's heartbeat...don't your wedding vows mean anything.



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