Baby Favors The Right Side

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k - February 16

It seems like 90% of the time, my baby moves around only on my right side. Occasionally I'll feel her moving around on the left, but I wondered if that happens for everyone else too. I am 30 weeks and still can't tell what's what in there, but I guess maybe she just likes to lay sideways.


Girl Gilly - February 16

That is funny. Up until maybe two days ago I felt the baby on my left side. But now he/she is on the right. I am 34 weeks and know that the baby's head is down so it's just his/her legs/arms/bum that is moving all around! I so wish I could see what the baby is doing in there!


mel - February 16

my son STAYED on my right side the entire pregnancy. literally. head down and laying on my right, facing the left. this baby however, can't make up it's mind. it constantly flips from one side to the next. so due to that, I can't tell what is what half the time. i can tell when that little b___t is sticking up at me though!!!


JH - February 16

I'm 32 weeks and my little boy is always on the right. and he's still breech. It's funny to look at your bare belly and see how lop-sided it can be at times.


JennyC - February 16

between 30-33 weeks, mine was exclusively on the right side, so much so that my belly was lopsided! but now, at 35 weeks, she has evened out and I can feel her everywhere.


Kel - February 16

My little one is stuck on the left side. I know she is head down. I'm thinking her backside is on my tummy and she is facing the right. I feel like she is going to come out of my stomach sometimes!


L - February 16

I feel more movement on my right side too and only an occa__sion push or kick on my left. I'm curious to see if this is any indicator that he will be right-handed.


ry - February 16

so funny my baby is always on the right side, and my tummy looks SO lopsided! I have been rubbing this big bump that I thought was baby's b___t or curved back but found out today from the u/s it is its big head!


JH - February 16

Do you think it has to do with where the placenta is? I have a right sided baby and u/s shows a lefr sided placenta.


ry - February 16

good question jh, my placenta is on the left too. i wonder...i just hope our babies turn vertex soon!


Jodi - February 16

My little boy favors the leftside and is sometimes, but not often on the rightside. I don't think the placenta has anything to do with it b/c my is on the leftside, but so is my baby.


Ba8y6irl - February 17

My little girl is always on my right side... it feels like she is set up camp over there... I feel heavier on the one side, yet my belly is perfectly round... no lopsidedness :-) Sometimes I wish she would just give up to the left side for a bit :-)


Nicole - February 17

I'm 32 weeks. When I was at my last doctor's appointment he told me the baby is head-down and guessed that his body was laying to my right. It's always my left side moving around but at the same time the baby lately seems to be digging one foot into my ribs on the right and one hand or arm into my right hip. It feels so weird when he stretches out and I can feel him at all these points at the same time! I really wish I could see just what he's doing in there!


sparkles - February 17

I have a right sided baby, too! She loves to curl up in my right side all the time, especially at night. My right hip has been hurting constantly for 2 1/2 months now because of it. I, also, have a sore spot from it and she's now pressing on a nerve there! It causes my leg to go out from under me sometimes. Not much I can do about it....just have to wait until she's born. I'm 31 weeks.



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