Baby Feels Huge At 30 Weeks

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shan_mommy - June 28

I know this is probably a common feeling, but since it's my first pregnancy I would just like to compare feelings with others around my stage - 30 weeks due Sept. 6th. My baby boy feels so big it scares me sometimes. I get weekly pregnancy updates that say how big the baby is this week, around 3 pounds, and I just can't believe something that only weighs 3 pounds can feel this strong. Makes me think I'm having a huge baby or am further along than I think. When he moves, I can feel definite hard knots that I assume are elbows, knees, heels, etc. and they just push on my belly so hard. Sometimes it feels like he's going to bust out of my right side. I can see his whole body move like crazy from the outside. Also, sometimes when I put my hand on my belly while he's moving, it feels like he is grinding is feet or something together. Anyone else feel this? Don't want him to hurt himself in there. Would love to hear how this compares to what all of you are feeling


itsapinupthing - June 28

I know how you feel. Except my Doctor alreayd told me I might have a big baby and it scares me. My mother is very small at 5'2" and between 105-120 everythime she got pregnant. She had me at 8lbs6oz and I was the smallest the biggest was 9lbs3oz so I'm a__sured that my baby will not be small. I've gained 31 punds so far and I'm 29weeks due Sept.10. So I'm pretty close to you and I can feel the baby moving as if I was holding him, his strength is amazing and it can get kin dof painful at times. I'm really worried about not being able to have him naturally due to his size,but my mom had all natural births and I'm just a bit bigger that her so I'm praying it all wokrs out. What is your mom's history when it comes to baby size? That is how my docotr determine I will not have a samll baby.......


shan_mommy - June 28

Thanks for posting. Your situation sounds so similar to mine. My mom had me at 8 pounds 7 or 8 ounces (not sure which) and her largest baby was at 9 pounds 3 ounces. I worry too that I won't be able to have a normal delivery, but my mom did as well with all three of us. I'm pretty small 5'3", started out around 119 pounds and have since only gained 17 pounds, which would make me think that the baby isn't that big. But the weight is ALL in my belly and the baby feels HUGE. I also worry because my gestational diabetes 3-hour test came back negative, but it was close. I had one abnormal reading and another that was only a few points below the cut off. So I didn't get diagnosed with it (not having 2 abnormal readings) but still worry. Are you getting any more ultrasounds done that you know of?


sfrias - June 28

I know... My baby feels huge as well. I think that first it depends on how big are you. I am only 5.05 and 28.5 weeks pregnant and I think that I will explote. My doctor told me that not everything is the baby, the placenta and the amniotic fluid are also responsible for the extra volume. I did not gain weight in any other part, and nobody can tell I am pregnant when they look at me from behind. I think that if you are pet_te and you have not gained a lot of weight is normal to have the feeling of having a huge baby. I do not know if I will get more ultrasounds, my doctor tells me that everything is normal, and not to worry because there's still plenty of time until the baby is due. Any of you is feeling that at some point the baby is going to break your ribs?


shan_mommy - June 28

I don't really get the sore ribs thing that I hear so many women talk about. I think my baby likes to hang out low. He feels diagonal a lot and I can feel his movements a lot far back on my side kinda right below the rib cage. Anyone ever notice a grinding feeling when you put your hand on your belly while the baby moves? I mentioned it in my first post, but so far nobody else has said anything about that. Just feels like he's rubbing his feet or something together.


sfrias - June 28

Hi! No, I have not felt what you are describing. Just regular and strong kicks. I joke with my husband about my baby being a professional socker player!


sarah jane rogers - June 28

i am 27weeks and have very sore ribs from pressure. I can not wait till the end of the day where i can stretch out on the floor. Funny things you do. Mornings are not too bad but by mid till the end of the day wow


melanie - June 29

I had the same feeling. I had my baby on the 19th and the Dr. said by feeling my stomach that I was going to have a normal size baby. But I just knew that she was not a normal size. I could feel the weight early on and her kicks were like you described. Now I am not a big girl but I had a natural birth and the Dr. could not believe her eyes when she saw my baby weighed 11 lbs 1 oz. I pushed for about 5 minutes and barley got a 2nd degree tear, so even if you do have a large baby it is possible to have a normal birth. But if you feel the weight it is most likley for a reason. Dr.s aren't always right.


3babies - June 29

Hi Shan, yes I do get that grinding feeling. Almost like one foot rubs past the other and grinds or clicks ... very weird, but being my third baby, totally normal! The other two came out okay!


carol23 - June 29

I am just amazed at how similar our experiences are shan_mommy. I actually looked at your name twice just to make sure it wasn't me who posted this. lol. I feel like I'm having the world's biggest baby as well. I'm also 30 weeks, due Sept. 7th. I have been feeling him make his way into my right side below my ribs. It's painful at times and he's so strong, I have to lie down on my right side to get him out of there and still, sometimes he don't move. I don't think I should be doing this.......... but sometimes when I feel that he's starting to make his way to my right side, I actually put my hand on there and press down so he can't. It's weird though because I feel him squirming to try to get in there and I don't let him. Then I feel bad, so I move my hand and let him roam free. I also think he's diagonal because I feel him in my right side and on the left side at the same time. I'm so scared to have a very fat and long baby and that it'll make delivery extra difficult. Will he change positions? Do we get another ultrasound from here till the baby's born?


shan_mommy - June 29

So great to see all your comments and know that I'm not the only one feeling this way. carol23-we do sound like we're feeling the exact same things. Hopefully our babies aren't too big. 3babies-so rea__suring to hear that you've had that grinding like feeling too. I was starting to think I was the only one. Melanie-congrats on your 11 pound baby and I'm so glad to here that you were able to have such a successful delivery. I still say my baby is huge too! I'm hoping for another ultrasound or something to confirm my thoughts.


itsapinupthing - June 30

WOW!!! Melanie Your story is encouraging to me. 11LBS1OZ. Your are one tuff lady, congrats on your big girl!!!



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