Baby Gas

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adprix - February 25

Is it possible for a baby to pass gas in the womb? I felt something yesterday that felt like a little toot inside my belly. I've never felt anything like that before, and I was wondering if anyone else had experienced it. Thanks in advance!


conniebearzy - February 25

lol how funny. I thought I was hallucinating. I felt this a few nights ago and told my mate. He thinks im goofy I think lol. I feel a little more sane now lol. not sure if it was a fart but it sooooo felt like one


adprix - February 25

I know . . . it definitely felt like a fart to me too. When I told my husband, he said, "That's my little girl!"


crystal74 - February 25

i can feel bubbles down by babies head, so i think there coming from his mouth cuz his but is up by my b___bs. but i don't know if that's possible. i feel them all the time though


Tammy276 - February 25

I don't think is it possible for the baby to pa__s gas in the womb......some of their movements may feel like bubbles popping, but if they pa__sed gas in the womb, that would mean that there are air bubbles in the amniotic fluid, and I just don't think its possible...good question to ask your doctor though.


crystal74 - February 26

i thought about the baby having air and i think since the placenta pa__ses oxygen to the baby and the baby can get hiccups then why can't the baby have gas or bubbles out of his mouth.


babyonboard16 - February 26

haha ironically one night when we were having fetal monitoring done...there was a sound that sounded like a fart...who knows


redhead125 - February 27

I don't believe so. I'm fairly certain that their environment is air tight and is filled with just baby and fluid. They only swallow and practice breathing amniotic fluid and everything else is a mainline from the umbilical cord. I don't think farting in utero is possible.


tinkri - February 27

There is no air in the uterus or baby to cause pa__sing of gas. The placenta/umbilical cord pa__ses oxygenated blood (capillary to capillary) not actual air. Also hiccups are a spasm of the diaphragm and have nothing to do with the baby getting air in utero.


crystal74 - February 27

well it was a cute thought anyways


adprix - February 27

Thanks for your responses. I really didn't know if it was possible. That's what it felt like, but it could have been something else! That would have been a great story to tell her future boyfriends, hehe. :o)



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