Baby Girl Name I NEED HELP

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DinaAW - June 29

My due date is tomorrow and I am scheduled to be induced monday. We don't know the s_x of the baby so we have had a boys name and a girls name picked out for a long time now. Just last night, though, we started second guessing the girls name and now we don't know what to do. We have not told anyone the names we have selected but now I'm feeling like I need some other opinions on the girls name. Could you ladies tell me which name you like better? Evelyn Ann or Eliza Ann. I know they are very traditional but that's me, I guess. I've been expecting a boy this whole time so the girls name probably doesn't even matter. But just in case, what do you all think? Thanks!


sophandbob - June 29

I like Evelyn. It sounds continental. Eliza kind of makes me want to follow it with doolittle, however both are nice names, and I am sure if your bundle of joy is a girl, she will grow up to adore either. good luck!


Steph - June 29

I like Evelyn better...cause it's my grandma's name and I think it sounds elegant. Eliza reminds me of the kid off of Wild Thornberrys (the one with the IRRITATING voice)!! :o) I'm being induced Monday as good luck!!


Nerdy Girl - June 29

I like Eliza. Liza is a cute nickname.


dy - June 29

i like eliza....of course now it's 2 to 2, so i probably made it worse. sorry


Mellissa - June 29

i like eliza... but then again, i am a huge audrey hepburn fan. :) i think eliza goes better with ann then evelyn, although they are both pretty names.


Heather F - June 29



taterbaby - June 29

Evelyn---I asked my hubby too and he agrees. Actually, (steph) my hubby also said it sounded more elegant.


Lala - June 29

Evelyn is lovely!


ashley - June 29

I like evelyn Ann (I had Lillian picked out for a girl, but we are having a boy). you could call her evie. Just a little FYI and its only from my experience not trying to tick off any body. My friend had a sister whos name was liza and to tease her they always said two phrases. "Liza Lies Alot" or "There's a whole in my bucket dear Liza dear Liza" only they were a little more creative with that.


dee23 - June 29

i would say evelyn the whole is alot more girlish, sweeter and elegant....where i am, we have a mountain called mt. kinda sounds abit corny...anywho...evelyn has 2 nicknames, eve and lyn, so your little precious has more of a choice of which way she would like to be addressed.


livdea - June 29

I like them both but my vote is definitely for Eliza, elegant, fun, energetic I can see a little girl being called Eliza and a woman being called Eliza. Evelyn just sounds, well it makes me think of Fried Green Tomatoes the movie! I LOVE old names too but Eliza has spunk AND cla__s! Good luck!


Angelaw. - June 29

Oh, I like Eliza Anne. I think I like it b/c Evelyn Ann is too heavy on the n's for me. Good Luck and they are both beautiful names!


Revel - June 30

i like eliza ann its very pretty :D


Olivene - June 30

Evelyn is on our runner up list. It is a great name. I admit, though that I don't like it as well with Ann. I don't love Eliza with Ann either, but I like it, too. How about Rose, Joy, Kate, Faith, Faye, Rae, Grace, Hope, Tess, or something else without an n for a middle name. You can't go wrong with either of your first name choices. They are both very pretty! Good luck with your choice and the birth!


annie4444 - June 30

My best friend is going for Evelyn Angela for her first girl and I think it's a lovely name.


Soontobemom - June 30

I like Eliza, it just sounds a little younger than Evelyn. Although she can always have "Eve" or "Evie" as a nickname growing up. They are both pretty.



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