Baby Has A Head Full Of Hair Heartburn

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Rainbowbrite - January 7

I was just wondering if this is true? Does having lots of heartburn mean your baby has alot of hair? has anyone experienced opposite of this? I know it is an old wives tale but i was just wondering what anyone else has experienced??


jazminesmom - January 7

with my daughter i had really bad heartburn and when she was born she had a full set of 10months we had to get her first haircut cause her she had so much hair. i have heartburn bad agian and told my hubby Aiden better come our with a bunch of hair cause this heartburn sucks


Rainbowbrite - January 7

Did you have heartburn your whole pregnancy or when did you start to get the heartburn?


BriannasMummy - January 7

With my first dd.. i thought I would DIE from hb.. every single day for hours and hours I would have issues with the hearburn.. and she was born with a very tiny amount of hair. She is now 5 and she still has only gotten hair just past her chin!!! For me it didnt work. ~Kristin~


goldfish - January 7

wow is that true


jenice - January 7

I don't know if it's true or not, but good grief, if it is, I'm going to be giving birth to a full b__wn monkey!


jazminesmom - January 7

my heartburn started with my daughter at about 12 weeks when morning sickness started to wear off. with this one it was areound 8 weeks.


mary_ln - January 7

haha, jenice...that's really funny! I have uncontrollable heartburn day and night, no matter what I eat. But, this is my first baby, so I have no idea if it's truly related to baby's hair...


Cevvin - January 7

I had to take zantac and tums thru out my intire pregnancy. There was NOT a hair on my daughters head, she is 9 months and STILL bald. not true


sarah21 - January 7

Well women have disproven that here. But personally there is no way for me to know since I have had acid reflux disease since I was 11, and pregnancy has made it awful. I guess soon we'll see! I kind of want a bald baby-- all 5 of my brother's kids were bald so I'm kind of used to it. I'd be shocked if mine has hair.


beardtl - January 7

up until about a wk ago (23 wks) i thought my baby was going to be bald, but if the old wives tale is true he will have a head full of hair and a full b__wn beard :) It's really weird b/c I have acid reflux and every since i've been preg it kind of went away, but now it's back in full swing


HeavenisMine - January 8

I had the worst heartburn in the world when I was pregnant, and my daughter had barely any hair!:)


Buffi R. - January 8

I never had heartburn with my son (he's five now) and he came out with a small amount of hair, but I had heartburn with this pregnancy and she came out with a full head of hair an inch long. It started some time early in the 2nd tri I believe, and was never really bad. No pains from it, just chest pressure and the feeling of a lump in my throat. Not sure if it had anything to do with the hair on my daughter's head of not.


Iamamiracleangel - January 8

hehe, my mom had terrible heartburn with me when she was pregnant, and I came out with 3 inches of black hair! Anythings possible:) I'm hoping it's true, I've had bad heartburn, lol I want my baby to have a full head of hair! If not, hey he'll be gorgeous anyway.


melissap - January 8

I had 3 boys with full heads of dark hair and I had horrible heartburn from like 8 weeks on.. very true for me


KRISTINA - January 8

I had horrible heartburn with my son and he had a full head of hair and although it did change color over time, it never fell out. I read somewhere on-line that although its said to be a wives tale that heartburn means more hair, there was actually a study done confirming it.


treshala - January 8

i heard this to be true but i myself dont believe it cause all the wive tales...or wise tales lol that they said about me (if belly sits a certain way...if certain s_x babies come to you etc etc) were WRONG!!! but who knows...i have heard that one though



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