Baby Head Showing Bigger Than Of Weeks Pregnant

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Stac - June 23

I am now 33 weeks pregnant. at 31 weeks I had ultrasound. they say that the baby's head is about 1 - 2 weeks larger than how many weeks pregnant I am. Can anyone shade some light on this. I'm freakin out since report said "possible mental retardation".


TK - June 23

I've seen alot of baby shows that show babies with large heads due to fluid in the brain or something else of similar levels. While that is not good by any means (b/c surgery is needed), it's better than mental retardation. It always seems to get resolved quickly. I'm sorry that you have to even worry about this. I would call your dr. and drill him/her until you get some answers because you don't want to be freaking out for the next 7 some odd weeks.


Stac - June 23

Thank you TK. I am due to have another ultrasound on july 12th and i'm sure he will check that again. he seemed a little concerned but said we'd just watch it and see how things good and not to worry to much about it. But yet I am and wonder if this is somethign that I should tell my husband or wait till I know more. Thank you again


SARAH - June 24

I wouldn't worry yet! My baby was measuring 1-2 weeks bigger at 26 weeks. I'm now 36 weeks, and he's right one track.


Stac - June 24

Thanks Sarah for the encourgement!! It just really freaks you out when they say "possible mental retardation". I just keep praying that things will be just fine!! Thank you again for the encouraging words!!


JENN - June 24

my little sister was born with a really big head and all the drs that she went to thought that she had hydrosyfilus,(water in the brain) and they thought that she was going to be retarded. well she is four now and the smartest kid in her preschool. some kids grow into their feet, others into their heads i guess. dont worry.


monica - June 24

well my babys head is smaller.... what could that mean the doctor and the tech said its within range... but still I am concerened. I went in for an u/s at 34 weeks and the baby's head was about 1 1/2 weeks smaller... doctor said they allow - or + 17 days for measurements. so sounds like your baby is within range.


Kelly - June 28

I was told my son's head measured bigger than normal too according to the u/s. I got really worried as well. He is now 14 months and has "grown into it". There are all kinds of things that the doctors can say to get you all worked up, sometimes it turns out to be what's normal for your child. Just wait to find out what the case is, but remember that it's a possibility that your baby is perfectly normal.


saydie - June 28

the measurments that they got by are just avereages so it might that your baby just has a big head dont worry to much till you have the baby



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