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Mrs.Steve - September 22

My baby is hiccuping for the 3rd time in the last 12 hours? Are the hiccups harmless or should I be concerned? My first child didn't hiccup like this, so this is new to me.


angelinakai - September 22

My baby hiccups all the time and has for several weeks now, so I a__sume its okay :0)


DeeD - September 22

They are harmless and normal. Just sit back and enjoy, they are kind of funny!


cayingo - September 22

My DD hiccuped all the time. As I got bigger we could watch my tummy spasm w/ eachone. They felt really weird. Now at 16w w/ our 2nd, I think I've already detected thisone hiccuping. Those little rythmic pokes in the same place over a span of time. They are no more harmless to the fetus that they are to you or me. Relax and enjoy!


cayingo - September 22

I meant they are no more harmFUL tot he baby, not harmless. Sorry.


josie4 - September 22

Mine hiccups 3-4 times a day. They are nothing to worry about! They just feel a little weird.


nikki1 - September 22

my baby boy hiccups a lot too!! I read that it is totally normal and it doesn't hurt the baby, like it sometimes does whenever you get hiccups...


docbytch - September 22

My kiddo hiccups several times a day...every day. Seems to happen a lot after i drink something cold fast. They feel uncomfortable too


sezbi - September 23

My daughter hiccuped all the time, making my belly jump a bit sometimes. At 15 mths old she's still doing it, it's kinda cute :-)


musicbaby - September 23

I feel hiccups all the time! They really crack me up! Because he has now dropped its funny to feel like a tapping on my pelvis when he hiccups. I have read that they are caused my your baby doind 'practice breaths' and breathing the amniotic fluid into the lungs... which causes hiccups, so think of it as a good thing that your baby is working out all of these improtant muscles for when the birth comes around! :-)


KMcDougall - September 23

If you dont mind me asking how far along are you ladies. I am 26 weeks tomorrow and im not sure if i would know what it felt like when the baby did hiccup. What should i look for. This is my first baby so i am new to all of this:)


phillygir1 - September 23

my baby gets them at least twice a day. i think their lungs are maturing and they are breathing in more fluid now and that is why. it is a funny feeling though...great to be pregnant and experience all these little things.


HeavenisMine - September 23

My girl is always getting hiccups, they can last as long as a half hour. I feel for my poor baby, it's cute though :) and it's a normal part of lung development, so it can happen often


docbytch - September 23

Hiccups feel like these spasmodic jerks inside the uterus. It's just like when we hiccup...only the baby is doing it. As you get further along you will see your abdomen jerk along with the hiccups. It's kinda weird


staci - September 23

Love the hiccups!! Can't help but giggle every time she has them (about 5 times a day or more at times)! I can tell which side she is lying on when she has them so it helps me imagine her in there, to cute.


musicbaby - September 23

KMcDougall. I am 38 weeks. I first started feeling what were OBVIOUSLY hiccups probably around 30 weeks. At first it just feels like your baby jumping slightly but to a very specific rhythm.... you will know it when you feel it.


Tink - September 24

totally harmless and i actually enjoy feeling it- it is kinda cute! i feel it more on the side right now, but this weekend, started feeling it down low more, so i am hoping it means he is moving down finally, another reason i like to hear them.



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