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Nora1 - May 10

My baby seems to have the hiccups off and on throughout the entire day now - probably about 3 times each day! Anyone else? He used to get them every now and then, but lately it is constantly and I'm not sure what causes this. Is it something I'm doing or is this just something that happens regardless? I'm in my 33rd week. Anyone know anything about this?


dee23 - May 10

my little boy does this too. but for me it seems to be after i eat. i worry the same thing as i like to eat spicy foods and chocolate! sry i cant help, but i am in the same boat :)


Nora1 - May 10

I eat spicy foods also! But alot of times he'll have them first thing in the morning even. So, unless it's from what I ate the night before...


Nita_ - May 10

Same thing has been happening with me as well...they started off as every now and then and now I notice them quite frequently. Although I can't pinpoint to it happens right after I eat etc. It happens randomly. Sorry I don't know what causes it either! I did read somewhere that baby hiccups don't hurt them as much as it hurts when we get them. So, i'm not worrying about the same. I better write this question down to ask my midwife when I go in next monday.


mayaB - May 10

not sure either but most of the friends I have who have had babies say it is absolutely normal. My baby gets the hiccups off an on throughout the day!


lori - May 10

My baby gets them about 3 times a day also - and has since about 30 weeks (I'm currently 38.5 weeks) . S/he used to get them more when I drank something or when I ate, but now it seems to be more random. It's your baby practicing to breath its a good thing, it means they're exercising their lungs.


Steph - May 10

My little guy seems to be getting them three or four times per day also. I'm 31 weeks and I just started feeling them about a week ago.


Evonna - May 10

It must be normal as you see every lady in here has felt these hiccups. I feel them 3 or 4 times a day but i don't stress myself out because i a__sume that it's part of pregnancy.


Steph - May 10

Evonna, I don't think that anyone is stessing out about their babies getting hiccups as it is a normal part of being pregnant.


Nora1 - May 10

No, I'm not worried about it at all. Just curious as to what causes this and wondering if anyone else experiences this as often. I'm the kind of person that needs to know the "why" of things, that's all. :)


Alyssam21 - May 10

My little boy gets hiccups sometimes I have counted 5 times a day!! It is VERY normal and a VERY good sign! It means your baby is practicing his/her breathing right inside your womb. My doc said to look at it like this, every time they hiccup it helps to develop and mature their lungs that much more! I am currently 35 weeks.


Steph - May 10

Alyssa, that's very interesting! I'd never talked to my doctor about babies getting I didn't know that! :o)


Alyssam21 - May 10

Steph, I know it is interesting! I guess they imitate breathing inside the womb by opening their mouth and swallowing the amniotic fluid which can cause them to have hiccups!


lindsay - May 10

my dd gets them all the time and has been for weeks now, too... i'm 36w now but , and i know i seem horrible to think this, but sometimes they get on my nerves! i love how they feel at first and i think it is so cute, and above all, i am happy she is practicing her breathing and working those little lungs, but i get to the point where i'm like "enough already!" i know, so horrible... sometimes just that repet_tive little lurch drives me insane... the same movement in the same spot over and over again... ahhh!


mishy - May 11

I had heard that too, about hiccups being great for the development of their lungs. My son hiccuped all the time in the womb, this one (a daughter) rarely.



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