Baby Hiccups

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Elizabeth - November 7

has anyone else experenced their baby's hiccups? I am 36 weeks and she has the hiccups at least twice a day for 20 to 30 minutes at a time, sometimes they are stronger than others. has anyone else felt this and is it normal? Ithas been happening at this frequency for about two weeks.


kod - November 7

yes its normal. I personally don't it when he gets them but maybe because I hate the hiccups so bad I feel sorry for him! Most babies get them, they're swallowing the amniotic fluids.


Theresa - November 7

Hey Elizabeth I am 36 weeks as well. I am due Dec 7th. When are you due? I went to the doctor last week and at 35 weeks I was dilated at 1 centimeter. Have the doctor said that you was dilating so early? And yes my baby hiccups as well. Its sometimes annoying but the poor baby swallowed the amniotic fluids.


Kaeli - November 7

My baby boy gets hiccups all the time as well. I asked my doc about them, he said they are perfectly normal. Infact he had some interesting information about them. Apparently some people did some research on women who report that their babies get hiccups versus those that didnt report hiccups. The babies that DID get hiccups actually withstood the stress of labor and birth better than those that didnt. So think of them as little blessings everytime you feel them!


MJ - November 7

Hey thats good to know Kaeli! I am also 36 weeks (due Dec 6) and my little one is hiccupping away right now! Sometimes it happens after a period of lots of movement so I think the poor little one has got herself too excited! Good luck to you all.


Ashlie - November 7

Hi girls, I just had my 2nd baby on the 26th of October, I asked my doctor about him getting hiccups all the time because I read that it could be a sign of a knot in the cord but what I actually found out is that everytime your baby gets hiccups they are practicing breathing and not to worry because their hiccups dont hurt their tummys like they do us. good luck girls! its amazing!


Elizabeth - November 7

Thank you all for responding, Theresa, I went to the dr last week and I am not dilating at all yet, I am having some cervical softening though. I see the dr again on thursday so we will see what she says.They just told us that they changed my due date according to the babys size at our 18 week ultrasound, we were due November 30, according to when we were sure we concieved, but we are now set for december 6. My immediate reaction to all the hiccuping is to feel bad for the little one, I hope it does not hurt that bad, it would be great if it did mean that labor will be less tramatic for her. Good luck and thanks again for all your responses, it looks like we all have a lot to look forward to!



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