Baby Hiccups Normal Or Sign Of Trouble

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allie2005 - June 28

Hi all. I am 32 weeks and my little boy gets the hiccups AT LEAST once a day, if not more. I read in a few books that it is normal, but then I read on another forum that it can be a sign of a cord problem or lack of oxygen/blood flow from the placenta. I am worried sick. Does anyone else's baby get the hiccups more than once a day?


JESS1980 - June 28

I have always heard that is it perfectly normal for babies to get hiccups. Some babies even get them several times a day. I am 33 weeks, and my little one gets them every now and then. I wouldn't worry about it. But you can always check with your doctor. GOOD LUCK!!!


apr - June 28

I wouldnt worry about it. I am 35 weeks and it happens to me from time to time as well. I find it actually real cute. My stomach pops up every second.. I was told that it happens if the baby swallows a bit too much water, but check it out if you are worried...


krc - June 28

I am 35 weeks and my little man gets hiccups 1-3 times daily. My doc says it's fine. Think about it, they live in a sac of fluid, of course it makes sense they get hiccups!!!


Inny - June 28

I have never checked with my doctor but my little guy gets them all the time.... I would say on average about 3 times per day. I feel bad for him because they are so strong!! I have always read that it is normal and nothing to worry about... I will check with my doctor as well tomorrow.


Erynn21 - June 28

My friend said his baby had the hiccups all the time when his wife waspg w/ their little guy, I am 30 weeks and still have not felt this, I thought there was something wrong w/ the fact my little girl doesn't seem to get them. I think it's okay either way.


sfrias - June 28

Hey, that's something completely normal. I always feel better when I feel his movement. That shows that he is fine! Good luck!


Chrissythefairy - June 28

my baby gets them a few times a day i can feel the constant bumbs. I read in a book that they dont bother them nearly as much as they bother us. I wouldnt worry


me - June 28

I was told by my dr that they are normal parts of neural development and having them does not hurt or effect the baby in any way. It is even ok if they don't stop for at least 5 mimtues straight (like mine were). Try not to worry and enjoy the hiccups!


Been There - June 28

My son gets them every day, without fail. It's fine. Don't worry.


Tanya2 - June 28

I had my baby girl last year and she had them all the time in the belly and the first couple of weeks when she was born. The doc said it was completely normal and even after birth it doesn't bother them, just bothers us. So far this little guy hasn't started, I'm almoast 31 weeks, but who knows could happen anytime.


Evonna - June 29

I think it's normal, my little unborn baby gets hiccups atleast a good 3-4 times daily. Boy! she hiccups alot.


haymay - June 29

My dd got the hiccupps at least once a day when I was pregnant, and she'd have them for a long that she's 11 wks old, she still gets the hiccups a lot. My dr. said it's perfectly normal and not a sign of something being wrong.


Dj - June 29

Hey Allie, I'm right there with you, I'm 36 weeks and my little guy gets them at least 2-3 times/day - it worries me too, but my doc says it's perfectly normal. He's had hiccups like this for the past 6 weeks and everything seems to be ok - I don't think you need to worry!



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