Baby Hiccups Are Driving Me Nuts

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jenice - January 10

This baby of mine is a really active one...even my doctor has said so on several different visits. The activity doesn't bother me too much, except at night, when I'm lying on my side like a good pregnant girl, and the baby kicks the mattress! Ouch! But that's ok, I tell myself at least I don't have to worry about whether baby is ok...I'm feeling so much movement I'm starting to think the child is ADD! (just kidding...just a healthy one, I guess.) But the thing that is driving me nuts is the hiccups! (Not me, I don't think I have the muscle for that anymore...) This baby gets the hiccups about 4 times a day, and they usually last for at least 15 minutes. And they always come right when I'm about to fall asleep! So every little shake I feel on my bladder, and in my ribs. (This kid has really stretched out.) Arggh! My whole belly shakes! Is there anything we can do to just make it stop??? Everything I've read says that hiccups are normal and healthy, and yada yada yada. (These articles must be written by people who have never truly experienced pregnancy!) I'm just getting so frustrated!


sarah21 - January 10

Unfortunately there isn't really anything you can do. It gets worse once the baby is head down, which it sounds like it already is. Just remember that it's practicing its breathing and swallowing and will be really good at it when it's born.


jenice - January 10

That's kind of what I figured. You know, it doesn't sound like such a big deal, but when it's just finally settled down and then starts hiccuping, I feel like I'm going to lose it! Yeah, baby's head has been down for a couple of weeks now, which I don't mind. I told DH last night that when labor starts I'm going to be so excited! I'm actually looking forward to it, because then I know this baby is coming out, and then he/she can get the hiccups all they want and I won't feel a darn thing...


cfuller - January 10

i feel you on the hiccup thing, my baby has the hiccups every day at least a few times and since she is head down and engaged now it is really intense and annoying! I have to get up and walk around when she has them because i bothers me so much, but if i'm up and moving I don't notice them so much. I'm just glad she is doing so well in there :-) not too much longer for me and she will be out!!!


AngelinLuv - January 10

My little one, Gabriel had them 4-5 times a day when I was pregnant. I once asked the doctor and she said there really is nothing you can do. Now that he's out and a month old, he still gets them after EVERY matter what.


jennifer_33106 - January 10

I just wanted to tell you what my doc told me. I had asked why babies in the womb get hiccups and he said it is to prepare their lugns for the out side world. Sorta like a balloon. The more you b__w one up the easier it is to b__w up. The first time though is harder to. so it is important for them that they get them. I just thought that little bit of info may make you feel a little bit better about the annoying things. hahah


jenice - January 10

Jennifer_33106- thanks. But yeah. Still annoying. I'm a little person, (5'3"), and last week my doctor said baby is weighing about 2.3 kilos (umm...roughly 5 lbs) and I'm only 33 weeks! This baby is literally outgrowing me, and I just want my lungs back. And my stomach. And hey, why not go for the bladder too. This baby's lungs are gonna be so healthy, he's going to be able to b__w his own balloons!


jmejo2 - January 11

Jenice-I am feeling you on all the activity! I had to go to ER with Kidney Stones and they kept trying to put a fetal monitor on me and she kept kicking it and moving around-there were like "if she would be still." She gets the hiccups alot, but I prefer that to what feels like the constant turning or wiggling! WHen she does that it makes my bladder hurt or sends me to the bathroom thinking I have to REALLY pee, only to have just a drop! It will be so nice for delivery day to get here!


jendean00 - January 11

Jenice, I will give you maybe a different view. My DD had the hiccups at least twice a day more like three times a day. I delivered her at 34 weeks 3 days and she was completely healthy. Her lungs were mature and she did not have any problems except her weight. Take comfort in the fact that should you deliver early that you will more than likely have a healthy baby. Also believe it or not I miss being pregnant sometimes to be able to feel her movements that no one else can feel. But having her here is even better. Good Luck!


izechsmama - January 12

Jenice.. i think you and i have way too much in common with our pregnancies! as i've read on the other post, we both have acid reflux and i'm a small girl too.. and i feel the way you do.. this baby has been moving in me since 14 weeks.. and it hasnt stopped once since he figured it out.. i loved it for a while... and actually felt guilty for now, not loving it so much.. but i cant help it... he gets the hiccups like 3-4 times a day just like yours... and my first son was the same way... really active always always had the hiccups... i find it annoying now... i try not to.. and it must be partly the hormones... but what can you do? i like that last comment though... i didnt realize that it would help their development.. maybe that will help put things at eaze for me.. at least til its a little closer and i can deal!


Tracy88 - January 12

You think you've got it bad? My daughter was head down for the loooongest time, so every time she'd get the hiccups I'd feel it in my privates. This happened probably two to three times a day. It was crazy! Good luck to you!!!


jenice - January 12

Tracy88-Your post cracked me up! Thanks....sometimes our pains are kind of funny if we can just look at them from another angle, are they? I have another doctor's appointment on Thursday, and he's going to book another ultrasound for me! I'm so excited! Because of my funny reproductive system, we haven't had an actual due date our whole pregnancy...they just always said "the end of February". (Goodness...anything after the 17 qualifies as the end of February to me!) And now with the doctor thinking I'm measuring so large, it would be nice to see the little stinker on screen and see if maybe I am farther along than they thought. (That would be soooo nice!) It would mean that instead of being 34 weeks, I'm actually closer to 36!!!! So, here's hoping! And Jendean00--thank you...your post really calmed me down about some fears I was having. The last two weeks there have been obituaries in our newspaper (small town; average of 6 babies born per week here) of babies born too early and couldn't breathe. So I've kind of been freaking out. At least I can be rea__sured that my baby will be able to breathe; that he's been busy practising! (I'm just not sure what all that kicking is good for!! Any ideas ladies???)


izechsmama - January 12

Tracy... just out of curiosity when did your baby turn head down.. my son has been head down since 25 weeks..



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