Baby Homecoming Outfit Help

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countrymom - October 23

My mom and my MIL have both offered to buy the baby's homecoming outfit and I don't know what to do. I wouldn't ask, but this is the kind of thing that can cause hard feelings. Who do I say yes to? My MIL has already bought her own daughter and her other DIL their baby's homecoming outfits recently. This is my family's first grandchild. My mother also offered first. Also, we don't know the gender so it will be a matter of running over to the store after we know if it's a boy or girl. Thoughts on how to handle?


Pipa - October 23

I would perhaps offer to let your own mother get the outfit since she offered first and it is her first grandchild. You could then offer to let mil pick out baby's special Christmas outfit for a picture or something explaining the situation to her? Then again, you could always go neutral and tell them you're going to get it yourself?


tish212 - October 23

its a hard call...but since its ur moms first and sounds like its not ur mil's I would go with ur mom...explain that ur letting ur mom do it since its her first grandchild I know it can cause annomosity (sp) but eventually ur mil would get over it...(she got to buy her daughters childs first outfit, if I understood correctly) so its only fair to let ur mom buy the outfit for hope this helps


Krissy25 - October 23

I brought 2 outfits to the hospital not sure which one i would be using for coming home, but what i did was use one for pictures ( you know the one they take for the online pics and take home pics) and the other one for take home. Maybe they could both get you an outfit, one for pictures and one for going home.


emfine99 - October 23

Let your mother do it. It's her first grandchild. That's how it is with my mom, she wants to be there for me and my MIL knows that because we have let her know. She has had her chances with her daughter and she knows that. If it's going to cause hard feelings, I'd say just tell them both that you would rather buy the outfit yourself. That's an easy way to solve it! :-/


josie4 - October 23

I'd let your mom do it. Just explain to your MIL that your mom already offered to buy the outfit and you accepted her offer.


AntsWife - October 23

Make a game out of it. Ask both Grandmas to buy the outfit ahead of time. Ask your mom to buy a girl outfit since she is your mother and you are a girl, and ask your MIL to buy a boy outfit since she is DH's mother and obviously, he's a boy. Then when the baby is born and you find out the gender, use the apropriate outfit :-) Just a thought but it might be fun!


Pearl - October 23

That's a tough one, but you might want to tell them both thanks but no thanks, and have your husband pick one out?.... I think that would make everyone happy...Or I hope it would. If that's no good, I would say YOUR mom... The old saying goes "A son is a son until he takes a wife, but a daughter is a daughter her entire life.".... I guess that's how my mom and mother in law think of things.


countrymom - October 24

Thanks everyone for your wonderful replies. I replied back to my MIL's email with a bunch of other information and in the message i tucked sort of non chalantly the following.... With our little one being my family's first grandchild, my mom in her excitement had previously requested to purchase an outfit for the baby's homecoming. Since I knew I wouldn't be in any condition to run to the store myself, I gave her the okay. Thank you for the very nice offer though! If you'd like, we are going to get Christmas pictures taken, so if you wanted to get the baby a little outfit for that event that would be great!


countrymom - October 24

oh...and my MIL was pleased as punch to be able to buy the Christmas outfit! Thanks, Pipa.


sant - October 24

Buy it yourself my mom and my sisters mil are always like that. So buy something unis_x for them your self and just tell them you want to make it fair unless they are going to be born beofre xmas and let one buy the xmas outfil and the other the homecoming. That is if you celebrate xmas


reblurich - October 25

When I had my daughter-my husband at the time now ex went out the next day and bouth our daughter her coming home outfit. This time my daughter, 2nd hubby made a day of it and found some really nice stuff at children's place. We all picked out an outfit and then picked from those selections



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