Baby In Posterior Position

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Hayls - March 1

Hi. I'm 39 weeks along and my midwife has told me thta my baby is in the posterior position, meaning it's back is in line with my back so it's head will come out facing me. She says that it's more painful and can be difficult to deliver posterior babies. I'm doubting it will turn now since it's head is fully engaged. Just wondered if anyone else has delivered a posteriorally positioned baby and how was the birth? I am also worried as I have vulvar varicosities, which can also cause complications!


Marie6549 - March 1

I too delivered my son posterior. I went over 8 days and so was induced, but it took 5 days for the pessaries to do anything! Eventually they broke my waters when I was 1-2cm and put me on a drip to induce contractions and an epidural and the next day my son was born. Even when I was 10cm I didn't start pushing for 2 hours as he was so high up, they advised me it was best for him to try and have a bit of time to ease his way out before tiring myself with all that pushing and so my epidural was topped up. When I was told to start pushing he was out in 10 minutes and I was unable to feel any contractions because of the amount of epidural I had, so the birth itself was great....good luck xx


cindernar - March 1

Don't give up hope that your baby will turn. I was induced, and after I was 7 centimeters dilated, they figured out that he was posterior. The doctor made me change positions and gave the baby an hour or so to turn, and he did! I was able to deliver him in the correct position. You've still got time. I'm not sure if there are exercises you can do or what. I know there are exercises designed to turn breech babies, so....


momtbc - March 1

HI! I delivered my second baby (who was posterior) 3 days early. He was posterior right up until he came out. I hit 10 cm and the nurse saw that he was crowning and that he was posterior. She held her hand on his head while paging for extra nurses and my doctor. He turned himself anterior between one of my contractions and was out in 3 pushes very easily. The only problem I had with him was severe backpain leading up to delivery. With my third I experienced the same severe back pain so I knew he was posterior. I actually delivered him at 38 weeks and he was born posterior. There was no luck with him turning. He was also a quick birth. Only 6 pushes. But, because my epidural only worked on one side - it was more pain than I wanted to feel. Did your midwife suggest that they may want to do a c section if the baby stays that way. My doctor never suggested it, but I know people who have had to have a c section due to posterior position. My doctor was worried that I wouldn't be able to push him out due to the position, but she was even surprised at how fast he delivered for being posterior. Good luck! Keep us updated. I am crossing my fingers for an anterior delivery this time!!!


Carly67 - March 1

I am 34 weeks with my fourth baby. It is funny because at a 12 week ultrasound they told me he was breech and every ultrasound since then ( and I have had a lot he has always been head down. All my children were head down from early on and really never flipped to head up or breech but would turn sometimes face facing spine, face away from spine but always head down. I guess that is why I always found it funny when people would say, "oh the baby is head down, I am getting close>" because my babies were always in that position. Speaking of positions I just saw an episonde of TLC's A Baby Story and a mother giving birth for the fourth time totally natural in a tub reached down and told the midwife I feel his head and the cord. The midwife pulled her out of the tub becaus the baby's face was coming out first and the baby was over 9 lbs. They got her in the bed and it was frantic but the baby was delivered. The midwife said that in all the births she has attended this was only the 3rd time she had seen anything like that and that the woman was really lucky to have delivered that baby v____ally. The baby whole face was swollen and bruised. The mother was so calm as they moved her from the tub with the head almost out of her to the bed. The baby was over 9lbs as well to top it all off. Watching it has really made me think and get a little nervous my husband too.


excited2bemama - March 1

My friends baby was posterior and she delivered him v____ally- but had to push for 3 hours.


DownbutnotOUT - March 1

I was induced twice within 2 days apart and was in labour for 33 hours after that I told my dr to take my son by csection, which they did. he was sunny side up, which I knew, but mymom had 4 children I was the 3rd and I was born sunny side up. My mom had all of us naturally and said I was the most painfull. Take care


crystal74 - March 1

that's weird that she says that because in our birthing cla__s we learned that the baby moves several times in labor to come out right. i even have a book which they gave us in the cla__s that shows all the positions the baby will move into when your in labor. but i guess it's different for all women, good luck hun, i hope it goes well


crystal74 - March 1

i was just reading my book that was given to me during the birthing cla__ses and it says that frequent position changes can help to facilitate the rotation of the baby's head. so if you can, change positions frequently during labor to help rotate the baby. unless your confined to the bed of course. but even then sit, change toyour side, then your back, maybe ask for the squat bar and try that.


Seal - March 2

I delivered posteriorly. They didn't realize he was in that position until I was fully dilated (I blame the stupid nurse who was doing my internals. she was a bonehead). Anyway, he didn't turn, and I pushed for 3 hours until they finally used vacuum extraction to get him out. Everything was fine, but I had a 1.5" episiotomy and hemmorrhoids to contend with. Overall, the birth was more difficult because it took much longer than normal to push him out and because of the terrible back pain that is a__sociated with a posterior birth. I ended up getting an epidural even though i didn't really want one - the pain was that bad. In the end, I like to think my little guy wanted to come into the world looking up to the sky rather than down at the ground! He still looks up all the time at 3 months old! Don't worry too much about this. Your baby will likely turn, but if s/he doesn't, it is still totally likely that you will have a normal VB. Good luck!



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