Baby Is Big What Should I Do

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Hannah777 - March 25

Hi, I am 36 weeks and doc told me last week (based on her estimate, no ultrasound yet) that my baby is rather large (she said at least 8,5 lbs, possible more than 9). I am not sure what I should do. I'll go for an ultrasound in two weeks but was told that these estimates are not very accurate. I was going to go va___al but am considering a c-section now. I absolutely do not want to be induced early (as she suggested could be one of my options) b/c I know inductions often don't work and after hours of labor women have to go for a c-section anyway... Has anyone been in a similar situation?


christineg - March 26

I'm 30 weeks and have another ultrasound on wednesday to check the baby's size. Nothing has been said about inducing me early, but the Dr. said that my little boy is also big and he is wanting to keep an eye on him. I'm not really that surprised because I was 9 lbs. at birth and my husband was 8.5. I would be really cautious in trusting the size estimates they are giving you though. Everyone I have talked to was told their baby was bigger than he/she ended up actually being. That could just be a coincidence though!


Bonnie - March 26

Unless there was a health risk I would not want an induction early either. I also agree with Christine that you cannot trust the size guesses. My doc expected my baby to be very big as well. In the end he was only 8 pounds. While large, he was a lot smaller than we thought he would be. I would suggest to hold off and go with it. We all have different bodies and many women can give birth just fine to a larger baby. My baby sat up very high on me and never dropped. My OB felt that when babies sat up that high and did not drop by the due date that tehre is generally a reason, in my case expecting baby to be too big. At my due date he decided to give me the weekend to see if he dropped and scheduled a c-section for the following Tuesday. That weekend late at night my water broke, but the baby had not dropped at all nor did I have any contractions. At the hospital I mentioned my concerns and told them what my doc had said about doing a c-section if the baby hadn't dropped which they seemed to think was odd. They had me walk 2 hours....still no contractions or dropping. They strongly suggested we induce. Reluctantly I agreed since my doc was not there to ask. By the next morning I had reached 10 cm and had pushed for 2 1/2 hours. Guess dropping. At that point my doc was in and they did the c-section. Turned out, Mason could just not fit through my pelvic bones (even though they thought I was fine) and he had a masive bruise on his head from all of the pushing. ........... long story short, IMO I would say to hang in there (if that is what you are comfortable with) and see what your body does. If you go into labor naturally with no problems then go for it. Women have given birth to some big-a$$ babies, lol. But if the baby stays high and your labor does not seem to br progressing, then go for the c-section.


Hannah777 - March 27

Ladies, thanks for the input.. Yes, i am definately leaning towards not having an induction. i hear 30% of inductions end in c-sections anyway...


Jenn2 - March 27

I really would not worry. I mentioned this on another post that I know a few people whose estimates were way off from what they ended up having. I too would not want induction unless there was a health risk for my baby. If it makes you feel better my mother who is 5'4" and naturally a slender woman gave birth to me a 9lb 4oz baby, and said I was the easiest labor and delivery she could have imagined. She was only in labor for 2hrs, and, as she says, "I slid out of her w/o having to push". My sister was 7.5lb baby, and mom had a hard time laboring with her. Size does not mean more complicated labor/delivery. I truely believe (in the absense of medical problems) mother nature knows best, and when its time for your baby to come.....its time.


Jenn2 - March 27

oh, I forgot to mention that my mom was induced with my sister...which could have contributed to why the labor was slightly tougher than with me.


sphinxminx - March 27

hi Hannah, the size your doc gave you was an estimate I went in for a 3rd U/S with my first daughter and they said she was going to be close to 11lbs. My daughter at birth ended up being 8lbs 3oz. Right now I am 34 weeks and the baby is measuring the right weight and size. I totally agree with all the other girls about induction.


Hannah777 - March 27

Hi, girls. Just spoke to my doula... She said an induction may not be a bad idea... ?? I don't know what to do. I guess I won't worry until i know what the radiologist tells me two weeks from now. But I am not crazy about induction at all.


Angie in MI - March 27

Hi Hannah, the docs told me she was a 10 pounder. They were thinking of inducing after my due date. I ended up being induced two days after my due date because of blood pressure worries. When I was in the hospital, they did an u/s and said she was 10lb 4oz. I delivered c-section because the induction didn't work. My dd was only 8lb 1oz but long at 22 in. The u/s is not always right. Don't make a decision on that! Good luck toyou.


AmandaManns - April 1

Well my doctor told me to expect an 8lb baby. I never measured big or anything. I got induced a week early just because I was miserable and no other reason at all. Well they started my labor at 5:00 a/m broke my water at 8:30 a/m and I did not have my big boy until 3:15 the following morning. So I was in labor for 22 hours total and pushed 2 of those hours. I could not get him out on my own so they used the vacc_m to get him out. When he came out he was 10lbs even and 21 inches long and I had him NATURAL!! So ladies it can be done. I hadly had to be cut at all and I healed up wonderfully. Yes being induced was not fun but thank God I did it because he would have been even bigger.


jas - April 1

I was induced at 39 weeks because of gestational diabetes... they estimated him to be 9-10 lbs. The induction went well!!! They started at 8am, I got the epidural at about 2pm - 3:10 they broke my water, 6 pushes later and at 3:19 he was out and weighed exactly 8 lbs! Don't read too much into what you hear - things are different for everyone and the docotrs are not always accurate about their predictions!



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