Baby Is Breech

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trish2041 - January 14

i am so scared i am 36 weeks and my baby is still breech. i read that sometimes babies that are breech have birth defects. i've had 4 ultrasounds and they say the baby looks good. i've had a really good pregnancy and she's always moving but i can't help but think she may have a defect. breech babies are so rare. should i be concerned or am i just reading too much into this.


Nerdy Girl - January 14

I never knew breech babies were so rare! I had one and actually know several people who have had breech babies. All the babies are healthy too, to put your mind at ease. (P.S. Thank God my daughter was breech... she ended up being 10lbs.... never could have pushed that out v____ally!) :)


DownbutnotOUT - January 14

Breech babies arent rare and doesnt at all mean that they have birth defects because of it. my cousin had 2 babies that were breech both perfectly healthy.


Tammy276 - January 14

First, your baby may still be in the breech position, but that doesnt mean that you will deliver her breech.. She still has time to flip around...Second, there are babies that are born head first that have birth defects.. Being breech has absolutely nothing to do with birth defects, it just makes for a more difficult delivery and if she stays breech more likely than not it will end in a c-section.


SistaC - January 14

Hi trish2041. Apparently, about 3% of full term babies are breech. You're right - there is a SLIGHTLY higher risk of birth defects - but it's apparently very slight. In very rare cases, this could be the reason why a baby has not turned into the proper position. Your baby is more likely to be breech when you have had more than one pregnancy or are carrying twins, you have too much or too little amniotic fluid, you have placenta previa or the baby is born preterm. Please don't worry unecessarily - you're only at 36 weeks and your baby has more than enough time to get into position. And, if she doesn't, the stats are so promising that I'm sure you'll both be fine! I'm an aunty of 12; 3 of them were breech and all are perfect! Congratulations on your pregnancy!


trish2041 - January 15

thank you ladies for your imput i do feel better


BriannasMummy - January 15

I just wanted to share with you about my last pregnancy. My dd was breech.. mostly transverse. She was transverse all the way up until 10 minutes before I went into have her. She is very very healthy.. she was born on December 7th with no problems at all.. she had two 10 out of 10 apgars. Try not to worry youre baby can turn head down at any time! ~Kristin~


Hermans Mom - January 15

Your baby can turn anytime even during labour. You should talk to your doctor about ways to turn it naturally...i.e. laying with your feet up etc. I have never heard about a correlation between breach births and birth defects etc. Just means it may be trickier to birth this baby naturally and/or v____ally. Hope it works out for you.


zay28 - January 16

Nerdy Girl, my dd was breech and i think like you, thanks god she was breech, because i couldn't imagine to push 9 1/2 pound 22 " long baby with 13 cm head diameter..



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