Baby Is Measuring Small

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lolita - February 1

I just went to the doctor today and he measured my belly and said that the baby was measuring 2 cm's too small. 2 weeks ago he said she was measuring fine. He asked if I was a big baby and I am pretty sure I was! So now I have to wait 2 weeks to get an ultrasound and I'm going to worry the whole time, which is bad! I am freaking out, should I be worried???


Danielle26 - February 1

How far along are you? Oh, and measurements are just averages. To get an average you need smaller babies and bigger babies. Also, the baby might have changed into a position that made you measure smaller. I would try not to worry too much, there are a lot of reasons you may be measuring small. Good luck!


jenny_2007 - February 3

I'm 34 weeks and measuring at 27cm the Dr is sending me for an ultrasound on Monday and has spoken to me about putting me in hospital and giving me steroids to build the baby's lungs and then being induced. so don't worry about the size until the Dr talks to you about inducing you early. I have done nothing wrong its just the baby is just having feeding problems and being 34 weeks it is safe for my baby to be born and fattened up. good luck to all and don't stress ok you will all be fine.


brookejl - February 6

I'd say as long as the ultrasound's OK, I wouldn't worry. I'm 38 weeks pregnant with my second child and I'm only measuring 33 cm. I've been measuring small for about a month now, and a recent ultrasound showed the baby was developing and growing on schedule. I know for sure that my due date is correct, so that's not the problem. The baby is really scrunched up, so they think that may be a reason why I'm measuring so small, and they a__sure me that everything's OK. I was a small baby myself but my son was 8 lbs, 13 oz, and my pre-pregnancy weight was 118.


DDT - February 6

brookejl: You're measuring so small because your little one has dropped. I am also 38wks and am measuring 35wks. Doctors usually don't worry (especially during the 2nd tri and early 3rd tri) if the fundal height is off by 2cm either way. Babies go through growth spurts at different times and also the position of the baby can alter the fundal height.


kcastro - February 7

Hi I was also measuring small at 32wks when they did the ultra sound they found that the baby was breech and thats why I was measuring small they said depending on how the baby is lying can depend on how you will measure so I would try not to worry I know easier said then done LOL


lunamoo - February 7

I made a few posts about measuring small but I harldy got any responses. I am 32 weeks and had an u/s at 20 weeks and was told that my girl was measuring "2 weeks behind" in some of her measurements. I never understoond how a baby can measure in weeks behind. I can understand percentiles...but weeks. Tomorrow I have another u/s to check growth. It sounds like from these posts, that when people say they are "measuring small" means different things. I don't know when is the time to worry, or when SGA or IUGR is truly happening or how many weeks behind someone has to measure for one to be concerned.....Any ideas out there...?


Zinnia - February 8

I have simliar questions. But I also see that on this site the threads posted about this hardly get any response. Does anyone know where might be better to hear from other mothers/people...?


MichelleB - February 8

I measured 3 weeks behind at about 35 weeks, 32cm. Dr sent me for Ultrasound to make sure all was OK, and it was. I had a healthy 7lb 10 oz baby at week 39. Position had a lot to do with it. Better safe than sorry though.


DDT - February 8

lunamoo: what we are talking about is measuring small by fundal height measurement. Measurements taken from a u/s are more accurate than fundal height. Will you doctor be giving you another u/s to recheck her measurements?


DDT - February 8

oh sorry I should have re-read your are having another u/s today. GL.


Justine1 - February 8

I measured 3 weeks small by fundal height with my first baby and she was fine, just small at 5lbs 5oz. Its best to get an ultrasound to check all is well but its rare for anything to be wrong at this stage. 2cm either way is regarded as normal at the end here I thought so I'm sure all is fine. I have a friend who measured 4cm small and her baby was fine too, just a small girl like mine.


lunamoo - February 9

Well I had a 32 week u/s yesterday and it is good news and a bit funny. My girl's head circ_mference since week 20 has been measuring just below the 5th percentile. Now, 12 weeks later it is about the 40th, so right spot on. Now the femur measurement is "3 weeks behind" or about the 10th percentile. I am very curious how this will all pan out. I have another u/s in 4 weeks and next week an appt with the MW. My fundal has always measured small...2-4 cm, I wonder how much that has to do with actual baby size. The u/s calculated that my girl is 4 pounds exactly, which sounds about right for this time, considering they could/should be gaining 1/2 pound a week.... I am planning a homebirth, so I would like to break the 6 pound mark...Thanks for responses and hope there are more to come. Lolita are you still out there...?


lolita - February 10

I am still here! I am just trying to patiently wait for my ultrasound on Thursday. Everyones input has helped calm my nerves for the time being, I let you know how it goes Im keeping my fingers crossed.



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