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tritty - February 14

Hey ladies. May I first say that no matter where you're at in your pregnancy it's worth EVERY SECOND (and sometimes many miserable seconds) to finally have your baby in your arms! trust me! my third trimester was a little rocky. my blood pressure started going borderline high and i was measuring (with the tape) very large (almost 4 weeks ahead). Needless to say I ended up having several ultrasounds in the last few weeks of my pregnancy to check on the baby and make sure she wasn't huge (one of the doctors in the practice-a doctor i don't like much- told me that she would probably be around 10 lbs). anyhow, the ultrasound i had at 38 weeks said that she was 8lbs 3oz and those can be very inaccurate because the baby is so large it's hard to know exactly how big it is. anyhow, because my pressure was kind of high and they were concerned about a large baby they decided to induce me on january 31st (my orginal due date was feb 8th). I went in at 6:45 am and i was hooked up to my IV by 7:00. My baby was still high and hadn't entered the pelvis at all so my doctor said she was going to start the pitocin really strong and recommended that i get the epidural asap. so i reluctantly agreed. i ended up getting the epi about 10 minutes later and I NEVER FELT ONE CONTRACTION because by the time the pitocin started working the epi was already in full force. anyhow, i was in labor for 9 hours, having contractions off the charts, my pitocin was at 28 (which is high) and she still wasn't dropping so they assumed it was because she was too large. at 4 pm they recommended that i have a c-section (which i wanted to avoid at all cost) but i finally agreed because shortly after that recommendation the baby's heart rate started having some decelerations (drops) and her safety was my number one concern. let me tell you, having a section is not bad at all! the next day i was up and walking around (yes it was painful but manageable) and i was home 3 days later. anyhow, my HUGE baby ended up weighing a whopping 6 lbs 9oz and was only 19 1/4 inches long. LOL! what a huge baby, huh?!? that just goes to show that doctors don't always know what they're talking about. the important part is that both mommy and baby are doing awesome and she is as healthy as can be. thanks to everyone for their support throughout the pregnancy. i visitied this website daily and it was a real blessing and good luck to all you ladies who are still awaiting your little ones arrival! if you'd like to see pictures you can visit my "myspace" page at GOOD LUCK!


ShaunaLeigh - February 14

CONGRADS!!!!! Im gonna go see ur baby now! :) pray i have a girl :p


DownbutnotOUT - February 14

Nice, congrads and take care :)


DownbutnotOUT - February 14

i just saw your baby girl pic and i must say WOW is she a doll or what and soo much hair



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