Baby Kicks

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ErinJoy - November 16

For the last two weeks I can really feel my baby kicking. I have been feeling it since week 20 but it is different now. The baby kicks and it cracks me up. I start laughing uncontrollably at work and cannot concentrate because it's so cute. I'm not complaining or asking advice on how to shut my mouth... just mentioning how great it is to have a baby. February 9th here I come!


Christine - November 16

I am 181/2 weeks pregnant...and giggle each time I feel my baby kick too...its just cute


Janet - November 16

ErinJoy..I am due the same day as you! Good luck. I am having a you know what yours is?


E - November 16

Me too! I love it and feel incredible close to him when he kicks. I know he wants my attention and I love giving him a hello. I think he kicks more when I am hungry so I always make sure to eat and it calms him down. So adorable!!


Jessica - November 17

Aww. I know exactly what you mean. It"s the cutest thing when she kicks. I'm having a girl and I'm due the day after you February 10th. :)


ErinJoy - November 17

I don't know what I'm having!!! My husband didn't want to find out and since I have a big fat mouth that means I'm not allowed to find out either. I can't wait!!! I love hearing the cute kick stories.


its so cute - November 17

same thing with me I will just sit there and stare at my stomach and she starts to move like crazy in looks like a worm trying to get out it so cute though and usually I start laughing and people look at me like if i'm weird I cant help myself I love it when she kicks and moves around it shows me shes ok. shes due Jan 14 I cant wait to have her.


JP - November 20

When you first start to feel them it is an amazing feeling. I am due January 8th. She moves all the time now. It almost seems like constantly. It still excites me everytime though. The only time I wished it would slow down some is when I am in bed at night and she begins stretching and wiggling. It makes it difficult to go sleep then.



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