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jess - February 21

whats on your babby must list??


JennyC - February 21

what do you mean?


jess - February 21

what i mean is what is on your baby list ( things you need to get ) ! Like the main basic's that you HAVE to get for the baby


JennyC - February 21

oh sorry. carseat, somewhere for her to sleep (crib, ba__sinet, pack n play, etc), sheets for sleeping place, a package of newborn diapers, blankets for swaddling, lots of books to read to her(ok-that's a want), boppy pillow (another want, probably), a few newborn onesies and outfits, several 0-3 month onesies and outfits, nursing bras & pads, J&J Head to Toe baby soap, baby nail file and clippers, baby brush and comb, diaper pail. I'm sure there's things I forgot, and everyone's going to have a different list. Plus, this is my first and I'm just writing what we THINK are the essentials. I'm sure we'll figure out things we wish we had or didn't need at all. hope that's helpful.


Kel - February 21

Bouncy seat and / or swing - I figure I'll want to put her down and some stage :-) I swear I registered for everything under the sun, thinking I wouldn't get it all and I did!! If you can think it, I probably have it in my baby's room! Don't forget little things like rubbing alcohol (to clean the belly b___ton) and diaper rash cream, powder, Qtip, cotton b___s, wipes. I doubt you'll feel like running to the store when you first get home. Oh and monitors....there are so many things.


jess - February 21

yepp : ) thxs Jenny


mel - February 21

definately diaper rash ointment. don't forget the infants tylenol and motrin. (doctors ask you to alternate between the two of these), gas drops and a nose aspirator (sp?). also baby nail clippers. some of those lil boogers are born with some long fingernails!


beware - February 21

Tylenol is great but remember it shouldn't be given except under direct dr supervision until over two months. Motrin believe can only be given after six months.


mel - February 21

never heard that about tylenol and motrin before. I was giving my son tylenol at under 2 months for ear infection and the doctor asked that I alternate between that and motrin. #1 because it's just more effective for stopping pain even in adults and #2 to allow the tylenol to process out of babies liver, since tylenol is one of the easiest OTC medications to overdose on.


Tess - February 21

Im 28 wks and we just recently purchased a stroller combo (that includes a car seat and a carrier), a play pen/play yard, bought some onesies (3 pk), wipes, diapers, baby mittens, socks, receiving blankets, baby bottles, health and grooming stuff (nail clippers, thermometer, brush n other cool stuff) diaper bag, bouncer (if you can afford) washcloth, towel, baby lotion, baby oil, baby shampoo, and that all i could think of right now.


Renee - February 23

Tess-- What type of travel system stroller did you buy, I had the Eddie Bauer travel system on my registry and changed it to the Graco Metrolite, it had better reviews.


Shawna - February 23

This is our first child, but already I can see that some of the things we've bought will become must-haves! I ordered an Over the Shoulder Baby Holder (sling) and it came in the other day. I've been practicing with a baby doll and can tell it is going to be fabulous! I can wear the baby and get other things done around the house.... I just hope I can get the hang of nursing her while she's in it, because that seems so convenient when in public. Also, we got a Boppy pillow. It's a nursing pillow that sort of curves around your waist, and seems like it would work wonderfully for that. But also, it is fantastic for other (non-baby) related things as well! Reading, eating, or just getting comfortable on the couch. My husband hopes we get another one at the baby shower, so HE can use it! I was playing Dungeons & Dragons with our friends (all male), and had my books and character sheet propped on the Boppy on my lap, and even they said it looked useful. "We should all get Boppy pillows!" one exclaimed. So these two are my must-haves.


to Jess - February 23

In regards to my newborn (& for the first month or two of life) a carseat... can't leave the hospital without one safely installed in the car. Diapers, clothes, underthings, lots of burp/spit-up rags. Nursing bra & pads. Bathing & first aid equipment. No ba__sinet or crib, since we'll be co-sleeping as long as we nurse. Maybe a b___st pump, but I'm not going to work for awhile. That would just be so his daddy can feed him too. Probably left a thing or two out, but hope this list helps.


to Jess - February 23

Oh yeah, a diaper pail & baby sling/snuggly.


Robin - February 24

I am following the Babies R Us new parents check list. I know they probably have stuff on there that we can go without, but it is helpful. You can print it off their website!


Tess - February 24

To Renee- I have that Eddie Bauer too in my registry but its too expensive $199.00 or something. So Ive looked around and asked some friends I have that Graco Bianca style (in sage color) I got it from Target.



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