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treshala - January 20

Hey ladies. I was just wondering...what can we do (if anything) about rib pain? I think the most snug and comfortable position for my kiddo is with his rump in my right rib. Sometimes i cant even lean forward cause his bottom is right there. Im pretty sure its his bum b/c he is head down. Just wondering...Im 32 weeks so i still have a ways...dont know how im going to handle this discomfort for 8 more weeks


sarah21 - January 20

I hear ya. I just push on my little girl's b___t and she kind of moves it most of the time but she has she has started putting her rump right in the middle of my belly and it gets painful because it puts her knees deep into me. If I keep my hand there and she can't get to it, then it kind of relieves the pain for a little while.


Astra - January 20

Hi, I don't think my little one has turned yet because he keeps trying to come out of my right side. It actually feels like he's trying to head b___t his way to freedom Lol I hope he turns soon so I will join you in complaining about rib pain too !


HeavenisMine - January 20

I hear you loud and clear. My girl was always up in my ribs. I tried moving her all the time but she would just stretch upward again. The only thing I could do to find any relief was try and find more comfortable positions to lay and sit in. Unfortunately it will be there till your lo is born. It seems like forever but really it goes too quick. My girl is already 2 months old. Too too fast :(


treshala - January 21

Well i will just have to deal with it i guess...the last sono i had he was head down...but that was at 23 wks...and today i was watching tv and i was sitting up and i got a swift strong nugde like in the right sure didnt feel like a rump. Who knows? it actually brought me up w/ a jolt. Lol. i hope that he is comfy cause im sure not unless im leaning back.



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