Baby Low In Pelvis

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Tanya - January 6

I am 30 weeks and the doctor has already told me that she could feel the babies head when she did an internal on me. I am just wondering if anyone else is already feeling a lot of pressure from the baby being so low. The doctor has put me on moderate bedrest, which is basically resting for half the day. I had preterm labor with my first son and delivered him at 37 weeks. I had to take terbutaline and I had steriod shots all through that pregnancy.


alicia - January 6

i was actually wondering what exactly they meant when they say that. i believe im 36 or 37 weeks right now and they told me that yesterday. she said i hadnt dialated any though. but then i lost my mucous plug last night, it wasnt bloody though and now im having lots of back and leg cramps in between my contractions...the actual contractions dont hurt....soooo...yea he wasnt that low as early as you are but i dropped with him at about 33 weeks. this is my first too, but my mom went early with all of us. she said from around 32 weeks on my brother was so low that she sometimes thought he was going to "fall out" lol. good luck and keep us posted on how you're doing.


Chris - January 6

I'm 33 weeks and just this past week feel like the baby's head is right there. She still moves around alot so I know it's not like she's in positon to be born. I'm on bedrest and have a terbutaline pump. I go to the dr on Monday and am hoping this new feeling is just the baby getting bigger.


Meredith - January 7

In my second pregnancy, I felt so much pressure where her head was resting, it was very uncomfortable. My first, I never remember that feeling. I did go earlier in this pregnancy than in my first. (two weeks compared to one)


Tanya - January 7

What are you on bedrest for Chris? I am on moderate bedrest, but not complete.


To Tanya - January 7

Hi, My cervix is only 2.4. I have alot of BH contractions so I'm on bed rest and have a cathiter in my leg for medicine to relax my uterus. So far my cervix has stayed at 2.4. I have not done well on bed rest. My husband has been so insanely busy between work and because we live on a ranch that I end up doing more than I should be doing. What about you? How do you feel? This has been so frustrating because I'm such an active person . Just the little bit I do every day really hits me by late afternoon and I have trouble just walking around.


Tanya - January 8

As of right now I am just on moderate bedrest. If I am up for 2 hours, I need to relax for an hour. Which isn't that bad, but I have a 2 year old. So, my mom is coming for a couple of weeks to help out. I am 30 weeks and when I was pregnant with my son I was actually already on complete bedrest. I couldn't get out of bed at all. That was horrible. When did you go on bedrest?


To Tanya - January 8

Hi I went on bed rest at about 27 weeks. I've been off work my whole pregnancy. At the beginning I had bleeding. Then I had low-lying placenta. Disability sent me back to work for 1&1/2 weeks and now I have pre-term labor. This morning I woke up at 4:30 because I had a huge contraction and them I kept getting them every 5 minutes so I drank some water and gave myself a dose of medicine. When i got up to do my monitor I was still having alot of contractions so the nurse changed my dosees of medicine. I just want to make it to the end of Jan. By them hopefully the baby will be at least 5 lbs. But of course I want to go full term. What are you on bed rest for this time and the first time.


To Chris - January 8

I was on bedrest the first time, because my son was extremely low in my pelvis and I have having contractions at 29 weeks. I was on complete bedrest for 8 weeks. I had my son at 37 weeks and he weighed 8pounds 12 ounces. I had to take terbutaline pills and I had two doses of steriod shots. I am now on moderate bedrest, because the baby is low and the doctor thinks my cervix is thinning. I will be having an ultrasound on Tuesday to determine how thin it is getting. Are you on complete bedrest? If you are, you shouldn't be getting up at all!! Let's keep in touch.



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