Baby Measuring 1 5 Weeks Bigger

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HH - March 16

Hi all, I had my 28 weeks checkup yesterday, and my obstetrician measured my tummy to be 30 cm. After that she said that the baby is measuring 1.5 weeks bigger (not sure how she knew that!). She said it was normal to have a growth spur, but if on my next appointment the baby measures big still, she'll do an ultrasound to double check. My question is, what does that mean (the baby is measuring bigger)? Does it mean I'll deliver early, does it mean I may not have a natural delivery because of the size, does it mean I have gained so much weight? And how do I control that? Thanks for your answers!


bean - March 16

HH - don't worry! It actually doesn't mean much at all. What your dct did is measure the size of your belly. The size in centimeters is supposed to correspond to the length in weeks of your pregnancy. So right now, your belly should measure 28 centimeters (from the pubic bone to the top of the uterus). Yours probably measured 29.5 centimeters. Now think about it - we're talking CENTIMETERS - it's really difficult to be accurate - esp considering human error. If you have a different dct next time, I wouldn't be surprised if s/he gets a different measurement. You have not gained too much weight, the baby is not too big, you will not deliver early, etc etc. If by 32 weeks the dct thinks you're still "measuring big", she may request an ultrasound just to take closer measurements of the baby, and see if s/he is really big, or if perhaps you have more fluid than normal, or perhaps one of a million other simple reasons. But there is absolutely no reason for concern.


Katie - March 16

My son is measuring 2 weeks ahead they say it's normal that all babies grow at different rates. I wouldn't worry about though.


JP - March 16

My baby measured a week ahead of schedule in the last ultrasound (it was a 33 week ultra, but the baby measured at 34 weeks). I am hoping that since it was by ultrasound then that means it may come a week early. Thoughts?


HH - March 16

Thank you all for your responses! I'm feeling better now, thanks :-) To JP, I asked my obstetrician if this would mean that I would go a week early, she said no, unless the ultrasound determines that. She's suspecting it's a growth spur. Did they tell you anything about delivering early when you got your ultrasound done?


mayaB - March 17

In my past two ultrasounds the baby has been measuring very very large. ( I have them done every 4 weeks) . Yesterday the baby was measuring 3 weeks ahead!! I'm in my 31st week and the baby is 34 weeks big.. His head diameter is so large it didnt even fit on the graph my doctor has for the baby!! Your estimated due date will always be your due date. It is just a mathematical calculation. But then all the rest depends on us and the baby.. This baby is large and he might run out of space.. get tight.. suffer.. Then I'm sure he'll decide to come out.. And if the baby doesnt decide to come out on his own and still is enormous, then we'll have to help him out to come out sooner. But yeah.. big babies can be a problem I believe only in regards to 'exiting'.


Karen S - March 17

HH my baby is measuring way big too! I also get an u/s every 4 weeks and my son is measuring 1 to 2 weeks bigger his head is measuring large as well. I agree with maya B I wouldn't worry about a thing. Good luck to you and your and your baby!


Gigi19 - March 17

This is JP (but since we have to register now I and someone had that login, I am using Gigi). After my ultrasound they didn't change my dates. My doctors are very noncommital with dates and seem weary of saying anything that may lead me to believe I could be early. For instance this past Monday the doctor did my first internal and he said to me, "Well nothing is happening THIS MORNING. Although this afternoon could be a different story or we could be looking at 3 weeks from now." I am like thanks. He basically told me that any day within the next 3 weeks. I am going to be 38 weeks tomorrow. I am hoping that I don't go past 40 weeks (although the doctor said he would induce at 41 weeks). I will keep you posted as time goes by.


Jenn2 - March 17

I've never really understood why doc's measure b/c I have read in two or three pregnancy books that women carry differently, and some women can carry more compactly, but have a larger baby than another woman at the same point in pregnancy who looks allot bigger? I would not worry.


Rabbits07 - March 17

I wouldn't worry either as many of the other moms have said. With my last baby and this one I have measured 3 & 4 cm larger at each appt (eg. my HOF measurement was 34 cm @ 30 wks with this one) I have been measuring big that way ever since they started measuring. As I said I was that way with my last one, too. He was born @ 38 wks weighing 8 lb. 1 oz. Not a mini, but not a monster either! I was concerned at first too as I am very small statured, but from what I've read and researched the more important thing is that the measurements increase regularly and they really do not indicate the exact size of the baby. Also, like one post said there is the possibility of human error. My last 3 measurements were 36 cm @ 32 wks, 35 cm @ 34 wks- done by a fill in dr. as mine was on vacation, and this past week 37 cm @ 35 wks. I was 4 cm ahead, but now only 2. My doc hasn't said anything about being concerned that I will have a large baby.



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