Baby Measuring 1 Week Behind Confused And Anyone Else In Th

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babymad - April 14

Hi.. Iam 26 weeks 3 dys today.. When I had my scan at 26weeks 1day, the baby was measuring 25 weeks 2 days.The baby is measuring 6 days behind.. and the doctor said that the baby is in BREECH position.. The doctor gave protein powder for the growth of the baby..The doctor said me not to worry at this point bcos the baby is fine and it could flip at any point.. Iam greatly worried…Does the breech position affect the growth of the baby…Anyone else in the same situation..What should I do to increase the growth of my baby…plz help me out..


krissy2006 - April 14

I don't know if it was the tone in which your doctor told you or just the normal worries of a new-mommy-to-be but just FYI- all babies do not grow at the gestational rate of their mama and often measure anywhere from 1-2 weeks behind to 1-2 weeks ahead. Measuring one week behind is NOT A BIG DEAL in the slightest. Also breech position has nothing to do with growth issues unless you have an abnormally shaped uterus but even then it is unlikely to have a significant impact on the growth of your baby. There is also no reason to be concerned that your baby is in the breech position. Babies usually remain in the breech position until approx 32 weeks (some flip earlier) but generally around 32 weeks they go head down. Some babies though don't get proper directions south until close to the EDD! It truly isn't a big deal especially so early on. Try not to worry and enjoy your pregnancy!! Congrats btw, you are almost into your third tri!!


CgGirl - April 14

HI there, I am 36w3days and have been measuring 3 weeks smaller for about 10 weeks now. At my last appointment (last week), my OB said that my l/o had grown more than the 1cm a week they usually do... So she is catching up now. As Krissy said, don't worry, the worst thing that could happen is that you would be fllowed up more often (with ultrasounds). Drs usually don't take only one measurement into consideration but prefer to make an average. ON my side, the OB said that I could end up having a smaller baby (weight wise), like 6 pounds or something, but nothing worrying.


babymad - April 15

thanks CgGirl for ur reply.. Is ur OB said anything what is the reason for this...or they advised u some diet.. I have heard that bedrest helps to get more blood supply to the baby particularly when they are smaller.. Are u aware of that or ur OB mentioned this..


CgGirl - April 15

No, no special diet as I gained an appropriate amount of weight (about 35 pounds so far!). As Krissy said, up to 2 weeks ahead or behind in measurements is perfectly normal. Don't forget that these so called "targets" are only averages... it means that a lot of babies are over or under these targets. If your dr has any concerns, she will send you to other ultrasounds, like mine did.


MsMonet - April 16

BABYMAD-I just delivered twins on Feb 1st. Don't worry about this. I went through this throughout my pregnancy. My son was a week behind my daughter and measuring smaller. My doctor told me to eat lots of pasta and carbs. I did and my twins were born 5lbs and 13ozs and 6lbs and 3ozs. As far as breech they will probably go back and forth til you get closer to deliver. Most women told me that their babies changed from breech a few days before delivery. I had a C-Section.


ErinP - April 24

I just delieverd my 2nd last Friday. He was measuring about 3 wks behind and was projected to be at the 10th %ile. I was really worried about it, but he was born perfectly healthy, just tiny (18 inches and 5 lbs. 10oz.) My first was 2 wks behind and weighed 6 lbs. 3oz. at birth, also healthy. My dr. says I just "grow small babies", in most cases it's nothing to worry about. On the upsidee, with my 2nd I only had to push for 10 minutes and had no tearing. I doubt that would have happened with a bigger baby. :)



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