Baby Measuring Big And Breech

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Gina - October 14

Hi. I am 33 weeks with my third child. I had an ultrasound yesterday and the doctor said he is measuring big, but the due date is correct. He is also in the breech position. I am having another ultrasound next week. Has this happened to anyone else?


Tammy - October 14

GINA- At my 36 week check he was measuring large so they scheduled me for an ultrasound Tuesday. I had the ultrasound and he is measuring 9 pounds, 1 ounce and is breech. They told me I must have a c-section because he is too big to turn on his own. Manually turning him usually breaks your water. I am quite upset over this because I don't want a c-section. I have heard many women tell me that the ultrasounds are not that accurate with the weight. My docotor says they are plus or minus a pound. Hopefully your baby will turn by your next ultrasound. Good Luck


jorden - October 14

my baby wasnt breech but was big. i went to my doctors and they told me he felt big and i needed an ultrasound and i came back the next week(my 37th) and the ultrasound measured him at 10lbs 2oz and they told me that they're pretty or minus a pound. But when i had him, he was 10lbs they were pretty right. GOOD LUCK


Alissa - October 14

Gina hi i am 35 weeks my baby is 6lbs and at my 33 week ultrasound he was also breech he happened to turn when i was relaxing in the bath tub. My mother told me not to feel the tub up that much so that just ur bottom and stuff gets wet then our baby will feel the warm and move down a little and might just flip mine did and he has stayed good luck.


kimj - October 14

i am also about 36 weeks nd went to labor and delivery last night. she aid i was measuring 39 weeks....


Carolyn - October 14

I'm 36 weeks with my first child. He is breeched and measured nearly 6 lbs last week. My ob-gyn said she will not turn the baby if he's too big. I'll know Tuesday whether my ob-gyn will consider turning him or not. I've heard that there can be discrepancies with ultrasounds, but that they're not wildly inaccurate - within a pound or so. Does anyone know what the weight limits are to turning a baby? Just wondering. Good luck.


Julie - October 14

Hi Gina. Yes at my 34 week ultrasound the baby was measuring very large and was in a transverse lie. I was sent for another ultrasound Tuesday (38 weeks) and the baby has turned, but is now about 9 pounds. I am having a c-section Monday morning.


Margaret - October 15

hello all..I am 29 wks.and doctor says I'm measuring big..Have the ultrasound on the 27th..let you know what happens..Kinda skeptical b/c moms was told the same thing with lil bro and when he was born he was only 7lbs. 2 wish me luck..


Christy - October 15

Hi, Gina. I had my 34 week US on Thursday and he is measuring at 6 lb 12 oz (which is in the 97th percentile,) but head down. I think at this point of the game, your "little" one could still turn, but it is good that they are going to keep checking on him. One of my friends said her transverse-lying daughter turned herself around at 35 or 36 weeks, so it could happen. Let us know what he does.



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