Baby Monitors

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rk - January 15

Hi ladies, just wondering if anyone has or purchased a baby monitor? I have no clue which one to get! Thanks!


bella - January 16



Heather F - January 17

I am also wondering which baby monitor is the best - one mom i spoke to said that it was important to her for the volume b___ton to have numbers on it so that late at night when the baby is quiet you know your monitor's volume is high enough. I registered for the Sony 27 channel monitor because it has the best reviews on babys r us - but who knows! I definantly reading the reviews, they are helpful and can a__sist you in skiping the really junky ones. I'll be checking this forum out to see if any experienced mommys have posted....


rk - January 17

I'm going to ask my friend if she has one & what kind. She's got a 1 & 2 year old at home. I'll let you know when I find out.


Counting Down - January 17

We bought the "Angel Care Monitor" it monitors the baby's breathing in addition to being a 'regular' monitor for hearing baby's cries etc. I have a friend who bought one and absolutely loves it! She was able to sleep at night without worrying about whether the baby was still breathing. I don't know about the rest of you but I know that I would be checking constantly for the first little while to make sure the baby was ok. Even as a babysitter I used to check that the kids I was looking after were So I figure I will be even worse with my The Angel Care Monitor is great b/c an alarm will sound if the baby stops breathing (which hopefully none of us ever have to go through). But I know someone that this happened to and she and her husband were able to revive their son and got him to the hospital. Although this monitor does not offer any guarantees it will certainly put my mind at ease. We got ours at Sears for $120.00.


L - January 17

I looked at monitors this weekend. Graco's iMonitor seemed appealing because it used a digital frequency that couldn't be picked up by other people. (My sister heard her neighbor's marriage unravel through a baby monitor.) It also extends 2000 ft so you can be outside gardening. I haven't purchased or used this model yet - only like it based upon these two features - but would be interested in learning other's opinion about it.



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