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Tanis - December 18

i am 39 weeks. an in the last few days the baby is not moving as much. Is this normal? I dont see my midwife 4 another 5 days what should i do?


AmyNS - December 18

I am almost 40 weeks and my baby is mot moving quite as much either, I think that it just means that there is less space in there.I would be concerned if you wern't feeling any movement. You can always call your midwife to ask if you are at all unsure.


Kristen - December 19

the closer it comes to the time your baby to be born his or her movement will slow down and as long as you still feel them moving everything should be fine. Best of Luck to the two of you (tanis and amyns) and your babies will be her soon.


mari - December 27

im 38 weeks and my baby still moves a lot, is that normal? cuz i heard that the closer to ur due date the less it moves and mine is still moving a lot.


just a mom - December 27

when they dont move alot it means they are growing and that they are getting ready for delivery thats my dr said


kerrie - December 28

hi all right im on my 4th pregnancy im 38 wks , but i can tell u from experance that the baby usaly keeps moving but not as much towards the end of ya first and second pregnacys but on others after that the baby can carry on movin right up to labour my first all i got was about 10 movments a day as soon as the head was engaged but my others they kept moving a lot right up to the birth the one im preg with now never keeps still and it hurts like hell but thats cos hes big and only a small frame but i wouldnt worries your selfs cos as long as your felling at lest 10 movments in 24 hours u and ur baby r fine if it get less than that speack to ur midwife well i hope this helps and good luck to all .


v - December 29

i agree with amy-call someone and ask if its concerning you this much-im sure everything is fine!!!


Kate - January 29

I know this post is long after your appointment but I'm just hoping that other people will stumble upon this if they are looking for answers. If your baby is not moving as much call your physician and demand a test (such as a nonstress test or biophysical profile) right away. My OB rea__sured me that everything was all right when my baby stopped moving as much in the last weeks of pregnancy. During my 41st week my baby's heart stopped during a nonstress test that I finally demanded. I had an emergency c-section and my baby was revived after 12 minutes but by that time he was already brain dead. Turned out his placenta had been failing for weeks and his slowed movement was because he wasn't getting enough oxygen. I am furious that the doctors just rea__sured me that the decrease in movement was normal because it wasn't and my husband and I have been absolutely devastated since our son's death last week. If you are ever worried about a change in movement call your doctor and demand they order a screening test to make sure your baby is all right!



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