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zach - January 22

this being my first pregnancy, and not knowing what exactly to expect, I was wondering, I feel movement quite low (the first few times I thought the baby was trying to wiggle it's way out or something.) Is it normal to feel movement that low? I'm at about 28 weeks right now.


cyclemom - January 22

I felt similar movement when I was around 25 weeks. It was only for a hour or so, but it made me want to stand on my head! I thought for sure I'd see a hand come out and wave at me or something!


andy - January 22

I have totally felt that ... It was around my week 23 when I thuoght she was actually knocking thru the hole she is supposed to come out ... I got so freaked out that I even had my dr examine me cause I though something was wrong ... but now at 30 weeks everything is ok


KatieB - January 24

It could be that your baby has turned already and her head is just wriggling around. With me, it feels like she's nuzzling my bladder, lots of fun.


DB - January 24

I was feeling movement that low too. I thought the baby was still breech and kicking my cervix, but it turns out she had already turned and was poking me with her little head and probably punching me some too. I'm due sunday and wishing I was feeling something low again!! Good Luck.


SaraH - January 25

I'm 30w tomorrow and have been feeling baby wiggle down low (like right on the lower edge of the pelvic bone) for a couple weeks, although it's gotten more common in the last few days. I also get kicked high up in the ribs/side. I believe it's just that the baby is head down for me (was head down at 27 w's) and when it waves it's arms or wiggles it's head around I feel it really low down -especially if it punches down ward then it feels like it's punching all the way into my groin. It also punches into my bladder and that is definitely a blast…LOL. I wouldn't worry about it to much. It's normal and I'm sure it's just baby moving around. Also if your baby isn't head down yet then the kicks down ward could definitely be felt all the way through your groin and lower area too. Mention it to your doc if your concerned, but it sounds like normal movement to me.


savy - January 25

I felt that aswell, and I have continued to feel it. Everytime he kicks or moves in that direction I feel like I'm going to pee my pants!!!



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