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andy - March 5

I´m 36w1d and can´t wait for time to fly ... I just have a question , I know that she does not have that much room anymore to be dancing like she used to , but is it normal to have a lot of movement during the day and then less at night , well , not at night as nuch as in midnight , in the last few days it fells as she sleeps thru the night and that makes me worry a little ..... I JUST WANT TO HAVE HER ALREADY HERE WITH ME!!!!


nanders - March 5

Hi i'm only 32 wks so i'm not there yet, but I think as long as she is moving lots during the day and when you first lie down I wouldn't worry. Maybe you'll be lucky and she's preparing herself to be a night sleeper!!!! Also maybe she just gets comfy and hangs out in there when your'e not moving around so much. I can't wait to have my little one here too, You've only got a couple wks left lucky girl!!!!


Tammy276 - March 5

Hey, if she is sleeping during the night when you are sleeping, ENJOY it, because their sleep patterns in the womb are a good indication of what their sleep patterns will be when they are born. I have the opposite, she is quiet during the day and likes to move around a lot when I want to lay down to go to drives me crazy sometimes!!


danimarie - March 5 you not sleep at night? She could be moving and you just sleep through it.......


Cevvin - March 5

as long as she keeps moving everyday, there is nothing to worry about. My baby changes her schedule alot to, so dont get used to just the day time movements. If you get scared about the babies movement at anytime, just eat something sugary and go to a quiet room and lay down. she/he will let you know they are there


andy - March 5

thank you so much for your responses ... I do not sleep a lot latelly and maybe thats why I notice her sleeping at night , but maybe this was a weird weekend cause I felt her a lot today .... I wish soooo much that she could come sooooooooon!!!!


xoxticiaxox - March 5

my doctor told me this " Sit still for an hour, and if you do not feel at least 3 movements (even very slight small ones) then call the hospital. During the day if you do not feel at least 10 movements (again they dont have to be big) then call the hospital." she said it is probably nothign to worry to much about...butjust incase. Good luck xoxoxo


iemc19 - March 6

My baby is the exact opposite - pretty much sleeps all day and is sooooo active through the night...hope it doesn't bear any relevance on what is to come....


madison - March 6

i'm almost 37 weeks and i've been feeling the same way, getting nervous because i dont feel her as much as before, or its in spurts. seems like she doesnt move all throughout the night or even after i wake up but come about 2pm she's poking all over the place for a couple of hours. i am hoping i can get another week or two to get ready but at the same time i hate wondering if everything is ok and i want to meet her. we are all getting so close! anyone having contractions? i had something for about 10 minutes today, felt like bad cramps that came and went. and i also get braxton hicks throught the day now, too, but those dont hurt.


babyonboard16 - March 6

I noticed you said weekend, for some reason my little girl barely moveson the weekends but once monday hits shes kicking again...just thought it might help to know that...


aliciavr6 - March 7

I get kicked every few hours throughout the day but at night, it seems everytime I wake up, she's kicking. I hope she's just waking up when I do haha, or else we're gonna have a ROUGH few first weeks.



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