Baby Movement At Night

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Mrs.Steve - October 18

I get up numerous times to pee at night, but my baby never really seems active during the hours when I sleep. I don't necessarily think it's that she's not moving at all, but it certainly isn't enough to wake me up. The only thing that wakes me up is having to pee or change position or being hungry. Some nights around 3am I get worried about her, so I get up and eat. She always moves after that. Sometimes she'll remain especially active throughout the night if I have a 3am snack. But some nights, just before I go to bed, she's moving ALOT. After I fall asleep though, I have no idea what she's doing. Does everyone's baby wake them up at night? Am I the only one whose baby doesnt?


josie4 - October 18

My baby's never woke me up during the night. S/he is very active before I fall asleep, but like you, I don't know what goes on after I'm asleep. When I get up to use the bathroom I usually don't feel movement so I'll poke and s/he'll move, but overall my baby doesn't seem especially acitve in the wee hours. Won't it be nice when this is all over and we won't have to worry anymore?? Oh wait.... Nevermind, we'll just be up 100 times a night at the crib making sure they're breathing. :D


Mrs.Steve - October 18

Yeah, it's the same thing with me. I'll poke and she'll move.


Greeklady28 - October 18

Wow, you are very lucky. My baby seems to sleep all day and kick the heck out of me all night. I consider every kick a blessing, but it does interrupt my sleep.


lmk - October 18

My baby never wakes me at night...if I wake up for some other reason or turn over in bed, I'll sometimes feel him...I'm hoping this means he'll be a good sleeper at night once he's born!


jenna32 - October 18

i hope it means your babies will sleep through the night! The poking things works for me to lo.


cfuller - October 18

I have noticed the last couple of nights (when I haven't been able to sleep AT ALL) that my baby has been more active at night than she has been during the day. It was actually starting to worry me that I hadn't felt her very much at all during the day time because I usualy do, but I learned the last couple nights that she is moving around a heck of a lot then. It doesn't really bother me, I really enjoy feeling her move and it's just such a relief that i'm not upset she is so active when i'm supposed to be sleeping, LOL. She did start moving around a lot during the day today, so hopefully she is getting back to the day routine. Although it is almost 9pm here now and she is quite active. Couldn't be the pumpkin cheesecake I ate for dessert though LOL :-)


DDT - October 18

My baby never woke me at night...only the urge to pee all the time. I used to give my belly a shake and then would feel a few jabs. I also never ate at night....hell why not!! I missed out on that! I found that by the last 2wks of my pregnancy (38-39wks) my baby hardly kicked but made more rolling, fluid movements. I suppose he ran out of room.


Cevvin - October 19

With my first, my baby didn't move much when i was up and doing stuff, i guess the movement and rocking kept her asleep. But as soon as i would lay down for bed, she was very active for about 1-3 hours, then would sleep the night, rarely waking me up.


January - October 19

I'm with most of the other ladies.. she never wakes me up when I'm sleeping. If I wake up to go to the bathroom or roll over, she'll squirm around in there.. but then I fall back to sleep and that's that. I think our bodies are so used to feeling it now that it's nothing odd enough to wake us from a sleep.


alirenee86 - October 19

Mine moves a lot also right before I go to sleep at night and I very rarely wake up to his movement during the night. Maybe this means that they will sleep well through the night with us!!


LIN - October 19

My baby never wakes me up at night. He usually stays up a bit later than me, and my hubby has his own private time with him while I snooze, but then he doesn't wake up until I eat breakfast in the morning. Be thankful - she may just follow that pattern after birth, and you'll have a baby sleeping when she's supposed to!


sahm2alaj - October 19

My baby has yet to wake me up in the middle of the night. As a matter of fact before I go to bed he is moving like crazy and then i sleep the entire night so i basically don't know what is going on in there until morning. When i was pg with #2 though I remember clearly during the last few weeks that he would hit so hard it would wake me up in the middle of the night, but by this point he was running out of space so that's the main reason why.



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