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drea - June 14

For the last 2 days the baby has been moving around A LOT, but I have also noticed something more than just a kick or a punch. It almost feels as if she is like shaking and swinging all her arms and legs at once. It kinda feels like she's shaking or something. Has anyone else felt movement like this and is it normal?


krc - June 14

well i am just now 33 weeks and I really dont feel my little man kick...he does but what I mostly feel is him moving around. Sometimes he's real aggresive and it seems as though there is an earthquake in my belly. He loves to have his back against my belly and push like he's trying to get out. My belly takes on the weirdest shapes. I think the bigger they get the more we feel them.


Nesha - June 17

I had that happen to me when i was little smaller i only gota week left so i cant feel him move around as much.. but i forget around what weeks it is the baby can strt truning around and stuff and that what im pretty sure it is. only logic thing i can think about because hes not cold or anything if your having a good pregnancy dont worrie about it.. your baby have a mind of his own right now he can do anything pretty much... good luck sweetie


Ca__sie06 - June 17

I suppose it is normal, because I have felt it for a few weeks now and I told my dr about it and he just laughed and said I had a very active baby! My stomach looks like rolling waves or something and he moves up and down and side to side (I am 33 weeks) The other day he seriously almost rolled me to my side because all of a sudden he threw all his weight to one side and knocked me off balance!!


Nesha - June 17

haha thats cute ca__sie06. Not the same thing happend to myself but one day he put himself all to one side and my tummy was soooo not normal looking i got scared im like is he going to be a normal looking baby or is he not formed good.. my mom laughed at me sooo much and said that he was just all on one side. i remeber when my boyfriend saw my tummy moving like this for the first time he had friends over and they were alll sooo amazed by it there were all touchin and rubbing my tummy, i love and miss feeling him move like that.


mommie2be - June 17

YES!! I'm 32 wks and my little girl is having a field day- AT NIGHT! She sleeps mostly during the day and then at night she decides to start her dancing. I love to watch her, but sometimes she'll wake me up with so much movement. She favors my right side and what feels like my right lung. I'll try to take a deep breath and sometimes, just can't get it... and then she'll move and all is well.


Mingill - June 17

My friend told me about a similar experience with her son. She said, suddenly it would feel like he was pushing out with his hands and feet at the same time. She'd feel him pushing in her ribs and pelvis. Now he's born and he does the same stretching move in his crib!


Tanna - June 18

When I was pg with my last one she was constantly moving. She never stopped, and even other people would see it and comment on it. Not only did she move all the time, but she punched and kicked really hard! Anyway, it's funny because even now, at 2 and 1/2 years old, the girl NEVER sits still! She never has!



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