Baby Movements Are Painful

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June Bride - February 21

I am only 29 weeks so I have a while to go but can someone tell me that the pain of the baby moving and shifting will get better? Or will it get worse? I was up every hour last night with this little guy/girl getting comfortable. The little kicks and punches used to be cute but now they take my breath away. Plus, everyone tells me that I should be feeling the feet in my ribs by now but for the most part, this baby is making movements on my sides and sometimes below my belly button. How do I handle the next 10 or so weeks? Thanks in advance!


BabyGirl - February 21

June -> Im the same way! Im 30 weeks now ...but last night i the kicks were painful... i never felt them that strong before! Im kinda scared at how much stronger this baby is going to get ... cause there is still some weeks till she comes out!! lol


mel - February 21

I'm sure it's differnt for every woman and every pregnancy, but this baby has caused me ALOT of pain. I've noticed that the past week or two the kicks have given way to more rolling movements (I'm 35 weeks) so I'm a__suming baby is running out of room. some are still a little painful, but not near as bad as the jabs I'd get when I was around 28 or 29 weeks. hope this helps.


redhead mary - February 21

Im 37 weeks and 3 days...LOL... so close i got a countdown now... But when baby moves now let me tell ya!!! I think it matters if you have grown enough to accomodate the baby too... but anyways i havent i weigh 150 ( was 115 before) and even with that weight gain, I can barely sit still and be quiet when she moves.. IT FEELS LIKE SHES TRYING TO CLAW HER WAY OUT!!! even the littlest movement is a big owie.... wahahahahaah i cant wait to meet this little wrestler....


Girl Gilly - February 21

I am 35 weeks and my baby is as active as ever. Just in the last two weeks or so the movements have become a little slower and more deliberate. I rarely feel the baby in my ribs. For awhile the majority of movement was on my left side and now it is concentrated on the right. My babies head has been down for at least 4 weeks now so that may make a difference. I am really short and my Dr. said that I will likely feel things more so than someone with a longer torso and there is just that much less space. In terms of how to handle the next 10 weeks. I can't help much as I am trying to figure out how to handle the next 5! But, I kinda play a game with the baby's movements guessing what the heck it is doing and what body part is sticking out etc. It's not much, but hey, so far it is working! Good luck and remember that movement is good.


June Bride - February 21

Girlly Girl - thanks for the response. I too have a very short torso and it looks like I swallowed a watermelon (already at 29 weeks so you can imagine how big I will be as the weeks progress!). You described my own movements to a "t" - I think that the kicks are stronger than the hands/jabs so I will start playing along with baby to figure out how she/he is situated. Thanks to all you girls for making me feel normal! I have had 2 miscarriages so I am truly grateful for this baby but sometimes I just want a good night's sleep - good luck and thanks again!



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