Baby Moving At Night

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kara - February 21

I am 33 1/2 weeks. At night I like to sleep on my left side and I always feel the baby moving around on the same side I'm lying on. Does this mean I am squashing her? Does anyone else have this problem?


C - February 21

hahaha... I'm also wondering that... I always feel the same thing especially when you're lying down and you actually feel a body part move on the spot you are lying on.


molly - February 21

no your not squashing her..shes very safe in there


Suzy - February 21

Don't worry, you're baby should be fine. If it makes you feel better, there is this type of pillow they sell that is at an angle, meant to hold the belly up when you're sleeping on the side. You should get one of those, it really helps especially when you'll be sleeping on the side for a while.


renee - February 21

I am 30 weeks and I have been losing a lot of sleep because I am experiencing the same thing. However, when I switch to my right side, My right thigh goes numb.


Cyndi - February 21

It is very normal, the baby actually gets more oxygen when you are lying on your left side as opposed to any other position. Just try it after you have some OJ, a gla__s of cold milk or water, or dinner. My baby seems to have his most active moments then. I used to get a kick out of feeling him toss and turn. Not now though, I am a week over due and there is not a whole lot of room in there for him and sometimes it hurts. Good luck to you, enjoy the movement now.


Naomi - February 22

the baby will move more while you are at rest anyway. The joys of pregnancy! Just think of the baby keeping you up at night as the baby preparing you for all those late night feedings, diaper changes, and so on and so forth. I bought a body pillow and when it gets too bad I lay on it and it seems to help. sometimes the more support your belly and legs get the easier it is (until you get so far along that nothing really helps) enjoy it now, while you have the chance. plus you have to remember that gravity plays a role on your baby in there too. so when you lay on your left side gravity will naturally push the baby down on your left side, ect.ect.



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