Baby Moving Freaked My Husband Out

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Been There - July 6

I just had to share. The other night my husband and I were lying sideways on the bed watching tv. I was behind him and he starts complaining about how I never hold him anymore. First I tell him that I have this big belly in front of me shortening my arm reach even if I try to get close, plus I always have pillows under me. Then I decide to just move right up to him, put my belly right against his back and put my arm around him as far as I can. The baby was wide awake and started moving all over the place. He was pushing, stretching, poking, etc. and quite busy at it. My husband (a little excitedly) asks, "What's that going on with your stomach?" Well, duh, what kind of question is that? So I reply, "That would be your son." So I stay were I am and the baby continues to move. All of the sudden my husband, who was now getting exactly what he asked for (my arm around him) says I can now move away from him. I burst out laughing and asked, "What's wrong? Is the movement freaking you out?" He couldn't take how weird it felt to have the baby poking him. Isn't that a trip? We have to feel this every day, yet he couldn't take it for a few minutes. I guarantee he won't whine about me not holding him at least until after the baby is born. He's too scared of feeling the baby again. LOL!


Mingill - July 6

That's so funny! I did that to my DH the other day, because he was sleeping in, but baby wouldn't cooperate. I was hoping he'd get a good kick in the back.


GLORIA - July 6

That's sweet. that happened to us. Except my husband will talk back at our little boy. He'll say "Hey boy, I felt that!". And he'll roll over to watch him move. One day our little boy kicked me really hard and then started moving really really good and obvious and I started to get kinda whiny because it hurt sort of. So evertime he kicked I poked my husband in the belly somewhere and said, "imagine that...going on 'inside' of your body. He said. "I get the point."


3babies - July 6

Hey Been There, doesnt it make you wonder how these girls that when to the toilet and out popped a baby never knew they were pregnant? I mean some days I am watching my stomach bounce around all over the place while I am just sitting there. Either their babys never moved or they have pretty poor body awareness!


Atarahsmommy - July 7

Thats too funny, DD has kicked Dh in the back many times, he usually talkes back to her, its really cute. She usually is stubborn though, she'll be moving around all over the place and then when I tell him to come over and feel her she just stops. I felt her move at 15 weeks and he felt a tiny kick at 17 weeks, but it wasn't untill I was like 30 weeks or something that he ever saw a big movement in my belly, It kinda scared him too I think


mcatherine - July 7

Last night my husband just yelled out of the blue "What the hell was that?" I guess I have gotten so used to the moving and kicking that I didn't even notice that our son was kicking him in the side while we were cuddled on the couch. It was the first time he felt the baby with something other than his hand and he didn't handle it very well. He says now he understands a little better when he hears me saying "please, please let mommy go to sleep..."


SuzieQ - July 7

I usually cuddle up to dh's back in bed while I sleep and the other morning the baby kicked him right in the b___t! It was sooo funny! I love the movements, but sometimes they come at awkward times - like when we're having s_x, and then I get all weirded out. Something about having all that movement doesn't work for me. Anyone else experience this???


Been There - July 7

Gloria, I agree. Now DH understands. 3babies, you know I have to say that you are so right. I can't believe people can honestly say they never knew the whole time. It just seems impossible. Atarashmommy, the same thing used to happen to me. I'd tell him to look or grab his hand so he could feel and the baby would stop moving. SuzieQ, nothing is a bigger turn off than being reminded you're a mother when you're trying to be a s_xy woman. LOL! Mingill, that's a clear sign the baby is already taking daddy's side. Is it a girl?



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