Baby Names And Husband

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Holly - January 11

I don't know if the baby is a girl or a boy. I am currently 28 weeks pregnant (I will be 29 on Saturday). The boys name is all picked out (we are going with Logan). The girls name is another story. I happen to love the name Bianca. Everyone I tell says they like it too (maybe they are just trying to be nice though). My husband and I have a very ethinic and common Jewish last name (ends in stein). He's Jewish and I am Italian. He would like to name the baby if it is a girl Rachael. I would like to name her Bianca and although he doesn't hate it, but he doesn't want it either. I feel like I am the one pushing this baby out and I am the one going through all this so why can't he just give me this one little thing. I am so passionate about this name for some reason. The best part was that I wanted to know the s_x of the baby and he didn't, so I let him have that one. I feel like he should give in on the name here a little. We finally came up with a boys name because although I like the name Logan, it wasn't my first choice (he loves the name Logan). Am I being out of line here ladies. Some advice would be helpful. Not to mention that since we don't know the s_x of baby this could all be a mute point, but I got to get it off my chest now. Thanks for your help.


mel - January 11

I swear to God, I thought I was reading my own story here. I'm 29 weeks pregnant. my husband didn't want to find out the s_x of the baby and I did. (still do) but I opted to let him have his way. we have FINALLY settled on a boys name and a girls name, but that wasn't the story about a month ago. I swear I was about ready to pull my hair out and throttle him at the same time becuase we couldn't decide on ANYTHING. I had the same feelings that you described, that I was the one carrying this baby and I would be the one pushing it out and that the name should ultimately be MY decision. it's only fair. then after talking to my friends and my husband I realized....there are 2 ways of looking at every situation. it all depends on which way you choose. I was looking at it, the way I described above. I didn't realize that my husband, felt jelousy at the fact that he couldn't feel the baby move the way I can and felt kind of cheated at the fact that he has to wait until the baby is born to begin a relationship with it. He never necessarily felt that it was "his" right to get to name the baby (the way I did) but I soon realized that this was his baby as much as it was mine and it wasn't his fault that he didn't have to go thru being pregnant or labor and delivery. knowing him, he would have gladly changed places with me in a heartbeat. anyway, we finally agreed to drop both names each of us had picked out in favor of finding a new name we could hopefully agree on. that way neither one of us felt that the other was "winning" by having their name chosen. hope some of this helps. believe me, believe me, believe me I understand where you are coming from. Hope ya'll can settle on something soon before you lose your mind, like I almost did! haha


Kel - January 11

Well, at least you have it narrowed down to two names...your pick and his. If it is a girl, maybe you could just wait until she is born. You'll know what to name her when you see her. Or like Mel said, drop both names and find one you both can agree one. Hubby and I did that....well sort of. He liked a name, but it was a little to plain for me so I fancied it up a bit. But for short, we'll call her the name he we both won. And who knows, you could have a bouncing little boy!


boys r dumb! - January 11

You could do what me and dh did.....draw a name out of a hat! I know that sounds stupid but it was the only way we could decide between his pick and mine. Fortunatly I liked both bcuz DH's name won!


Monkeyluv - January 11

Me and my DH were having problems deciding, even before we found out the s_x of the baby. Well we finally agreed that he would name the baby if it were a boy and I would get to name it if she were a girl. Turned out being a girl... but funny thing is that I didnt know exactly what I wanted to name her and my DH came up with Ella Katina and I LOVED it... so that is wha we went with. But maybe you guys could comprimise, you get girls first name and he gets middle or something like that since you guys already decided on a boys name.


Mandi - January 11

No arguments from the bf on the names....I picked a name....he agreed!!! But then again he agrees with EVERYTHING. I do have a suggestion for you though. If it is a girl --- you pick first name and he picks the middle name. If it is a boy --- he picks the first name (which he already has) and you pick the middle name. Either way, it sounds like you WIN!!! I think Bianca Rachael is a beautiful name. Run that one by him and see what he thinks. Best of luck to the two of you.


Ca__sie - January 11

We had a situation where my husband had his heart set on the name Joseph for our little boy. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with that name however I just do not want that name for my son. So I let him have it for a middle name and I picked the first name... so it will be Caden Joseph. I still don't like it for a middle name , but I'm willing to settle since now I get my way with the first name! The trick was to not make hubby feel like he was getting the shaft with his choice getting pushed back to the middle name lol.


Chris - January 11

Maybe your hubby will compromise and you could use Rachel as the middle name. I think he should let you pick girls name since he picked boys name.


Jessica - January 11

I love the name Bianca, for whatever it's worth - .........the name Logan however - I like it - but this month alone I think I've met a billion babies named Logan. It's super popular right now - maybe you should tell him to come with something more original!! I doubt there's many Biancas out there.


melissa - January 12

Bianca is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!! and NOT too trendy! Logan is very played out right now, you might want to inform him.


Kate - January 12

I personally feel that you and your husband should find a name that you both like. If he doesn't like the name Bianca, and you don't like the name Rachael that much, you should go through the baby name book and find one that you both like. Neither of you should have to name your child a name that you don't like. My husband and I had a lot of trouble picking names also..he loved one and I loved another. However after a lot of discussion we came up with names that we both love...Good luck!


amb - January 12

i went through this issue as well. my dh loves the name trinity, which is a nice name but not my preference. i liked other names which he didnte like, well our 6 year old said "how a about ella" well we looked at each other and said hmmm. well he thought it was a good middle naem and i said no LOL so we decided on ella trinity so we are both happy with that name but it took FOREVER to compromise on a name. we already have aboy name but found out we are having a girl!! dont worry im sure yall can find a name you can agree on, by the way i LOVE bianca havent heard that name in a LONG time but i have heard logan alot.


Emy - January 12

My dh and I decided to have this compromise: I picked the girl's name and he picked the boy's. I think that is fair. I am happy though because we are having a girl! :)



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