Baby Not Moving As Much

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cblack - September 20

Someone told me that when you are really close to labor that the baby wont move as much as they are "getting ready for delivery"... is this true? My baby isnt moving near as much as usual in the last 3-4 days...???


kare21162 - September 20

I know that once the baby "drops" they don't move as much as they did because their head is now in the pelvic cavity....I would call your doctor and tell her what's going on because it could be a sign of stress.....


tk07 - September 20

as long as you have 10 movements within 2 hours you are fine, that is what my Dr said. he said even though her head is down in the pelvis i should still feel the squirms etc.. but she isn't as wild as she used to be and sometimes i have to have my hands on my belly to feel her moving!


Buffi R. - September 21

Also, try drinking some ice water, juice, or eat something before doing your kick counts, then lay down in a very quiet environment so all you can do is concentrate on your baby & the movements so you don't miss any. The drinks or food should help wake him/her up so you can start counting right away.


kimberly - September 21

I know I am probably being paranoid, but I would get a non stress test done. My dd is 5 weeks old now and about 4 days before my scheduled induction, I told my dh that she wasn't moving much and I thought something was wrong. I didn't tell my Dr. b/c induction was happening soon. Well during my labor her hb was dropping into the 50's and 60's with every contraction and when she finally came out she had her cord tightly wrapped 3 times around her neck. My Dr. said it was really good we induced that day! Sorry if I alarm you, it is just I have realized how lucky we were!


tk07 - September 21

that would freak me out kimberly! i have a doppler at home so i check her heart rate often rigth now.. a little paraoid ys, but at least i know she is doing ok! i had a non-stress test done last week because my baby was being more sluggish that day and everything was ok. the nurses in L&D do it all the time if you do want to get one.



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