Baby Poop

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curious - November 11

How is the baby poop expelled while in the womb? I know that the baby urinates in the fluid but what about the poop?


kookoo - November 11

they don't normally poop until they come out and its black and gross because its whats been developing in their intestines for a while.


curious - November 11

omg. so you mean that for 9 months they haven't been getting rid of waste? wow that is amazing. i don't understand how this can be.


kookoo - November 11

that's how I understood it. I think they expell any waste thru the pee, they're not eating anything just getting the nutrients from the cord and blood and stuff.


to curious - November 11

there not eating anything...just swallowing the amniotic fluid...why does this amaze you?


curious - November 12

i guess i just thought they would have a little solids in their intestines to get rid of. It just amazes me how our babies develop inside the womb.


Tati - November 12

I thought that they do have wasts and it comes out for the umbilical cord it was two paths one for intake and one for out. NO?


tracy - November 12

it all gets filtered through the placenta and the amniotic fluid. the first poop your baby will take is called meconium, and it is all tarry and black. the baby can have a bm in the womb, and while it's not usually harmful to them while they're in there, it can be when they're on their way out - and to the mum. they call that toxemia. you'll notice it if your waters break and it's greenish-brownish in colour.


Confused - November 13

With the birth of my first child (he's now 23), he pa__sed meconium in the amniotic fluid. When my water broke, the nurse thought I had messed myself, but I hadn't. He ended up being taken by forceps, and narrowly escaped being taken by C-section because of a few contractions during which he appeared to be in distress. A close check was kept on my son after he was born, because of the risk of aspirating the meconium, which can cause problems, or even be fatal. He was under observation for a day after he was born, and did fine (he didn't aspirate the meconium...his lungs were clear, when x-rayed). I should mention he was nearly a month overdue, so I don't know if that had anything to do with it.



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