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amleh - December 5

Just curious for those of you that know, what position is your baby in now? I am 30 weeks, due Feb 10 and my baby keeps going back and forth from transverse to breech. For those of you that are around this far along, any other babies like this? This is my third and my first was transverse until 35 weeks, my second was breech until about 32 weeks. So I always have my stomach being squished by a baby bottom or a baby head in my rib cage! Neither position is very comfortable (though nothing is at this point!) so I hope he turns head down here soon.


BeccaBaby1 - December 5

I don't really know what my bub's position is... but I've always got a big lump under my right rib cage. Sooo uncomfortable, but I love grabbing that lump bump and knowing that it's my kiddo. I am 31 weeks, due Feb 6.


DDT - December 5

My DS was head down with his back curled along my left side from about 26wks and on. His bum was squished under left rib cage. He never changed his position until birth.


sahmof3 - December 6

My oldest ds was head down and in the right position, but I have scarring of the cervix and can't dilate (didn't find out until I was pregnant with baby # 2), so I ended up with an emergency c-section after 24 hours of labor. My next baby (dd) was head down, but sunny side up.... she was a scheduled c-section, though. So was my 3rd (ds) who was transverse. Thank goodness he was a c-section. OUCH!!! All 10 lbs. 6 oz. and 22 3/4" of him. At the end it hurt every time he moved!!


Nemo - December 6

Im in 30th wk and feeling kicks really low down at times, other times high up.. but mostly lower kicks.. I wonder if this is an indication of the baby being head up?


treshala - December 6

im almost 26 wks and my baby is already head down


corbin289 - December 6

I'm 26 weeks and my lo still has his head in my ribs. This is baby #3 and my first two were head down much sooner then this so I'm a little worried even though my midwife said not to yet.


tish212 - December 7

I am 36w4d and my lo is head down with its b___t facing outwards....s/he likes to run her/his b___t back and forth under my left and right side... and keeps its little feet kicking up in my ribs.... but I love feeling every kick and watching the little b___t go back and forth across my stomach.... :)


tmjulien - December 8

im 31 weeks due feb12 baby was breech last we checked



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