Baby Positioning

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MichelleB - June 3

Does anyone know when the baby usually goes into head down position. I am 29 weeks and for the last 4, baby has been horizontal....wrapped around me like a spare tire! Dr finds it stange, but I forgot to ask when it may become an issue.


Jennifer - June 3

At my 26 week appointment the baby was still breech, but at my 30 week appointment he/she was head down, I am now going on 33 weeks, and it is still head down, I am just praying that it stays that way, I have heard that it can flip, and I am really hoping not to have a C-Section.


anne - June 3

i'm 32 weeks and the baby is head down but posterior (back is facing my side, not the front of my belly). I am told sitting on your hands and knees and rocking your b___t up and down for 10 minutes a day helps move the baby is position.


chrissy - June 3

as long as baby is head down at around 36 weeks theres no need to worry or so i'm told. saying that my friends baby was breech up until 38 weeks but some how turned :)


KellyB - June 3

At my 20 week ultrasound she was horizontal, then at 24 weeks she was head down and seems to have stayed that way (given her movements: kicking my ribs) Doctro said she should stay that way, 'cause she is running out of room to move as freely as before.


MichelleB - June 3

Thanks Everyone. I will have to ask again in 2 weeks. Kicks are always to the side or right on the belly b___ton. None to the ribs yet, which is good, cause I could imagine that would hurt!


anne - June 3

oh and forgot to mention - if your belly b___ton is flat and your baby is still facing down, the position isn't right. the belly b___ton pops out or shows signs of pressure when the baby is in the proper position.


Tiffany - June 5

About the belly b___ton thing that Anne posted on here. That is not true. I am 36 weeks pregnant with my second child and my belly b___ton is not sticking out. When I was pregnant with my first child my belly b___ton never stuck out then either and my son was head down and in the proper position for a v____al delivery


nelly - June 5

at 29 weeks for me my baby turned head down and she was laying sideways til then because my placenta was in the wrong place.


anne - June 5

tiffany, interesting. i am only going by what my midwife told me. another of her clients was nervous about her bellyb___ton going flat suddely. she was told to do exercises to help the baby's back face her belly b___ton (head down of course). i think if your belly b___ton was always in, then it was meant to stay in no matter what. mine goes flat/in if thebaby is away from it, then pops out around the sides when he/she is right there. i think in general those with popped out bellyb___tons have a better clue on where the baby is by the way it changes.



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