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CAK - December 5

We have decided to wait for the baby shower until after the birth of our son. So, what are going to be essential for the first few weeks? I understand that most of Baby's time is going to be sleeping and eating (we've got a crib and I've got br___ts) so there can't be too many materials required. Any help is appreciated.


kate - December 5

here's a list of the things we couldn't have done without: a pack-n-play with a ba__sinet or a cradle for our bedroom for those newborn midnight nursing sessions, a swing, a bouncy seat, a sleepsack - (a "blanket" you zip them up in so they don't kick the typical loose blankets off or get them over their faces), lansinoh lanolin (intended for b___stfeeding mothers' nipples but also SUPERB on diaper rash - however, b___stfed babies rarely get diaper rash), stroller, carseat, lots of one piece sleep-n-play outfits or sleepers, and a tub with a hammock in it that fit in the sink to bathe newborns, then to bathe infants you remove the hammock. And lap pads - those things are so absorbent and are great whether at home or out and about...they go under baby during diaper changes. Here are things that we bought and rarely or never used: a changing table (became a catch-all for clutter and was easier to change baby on the bed or sofa), the crib (she never slept there even once!), all the nursery gadgetries like mobiles, lamps, etc. - she was in our bedroom till she was a bit over a year, a portable swing - SO hard to find a good one, fancy newborn clothes (they looked uncomfy and we liked to keep her snuggly). Things we are buying for baby #2 now that we know what we like: another swing - for a diff. room because it's a pain moving them(our favorites are the fisher-price cradle swings because they recline so far -perfect for wobbly newborn heads), an amby bed (go to if you don't know what these are - it will replace our ba__sinet/crib), a wipes warmer (prince lionheart brand because i hear it's the best) to keep baby's b___t warm in our cold house during diaper changes. All the other extras, golly, we just didn't really use or need and most got packed away or given away.


kr - December 5

Hi does anyone know if the diaper genie is good?


kate - December 5

me again. HATE IT!!! but i do hear some people who love it. the refills are a pain - buying them and all and only being able to use those. and, inevitable as with all plastic pails, within about a year they smell so terrible you just have to pitch the whole thing. the only solution we came up with was to have a little basket in the room, put all the poopy diapers in individual scented diaper sacks, and dump the basket every other day. works like a charm. and the room isn't stinky anymore! you can read more reviews about the diaper genie here: just do a search on them.


Sacha - December 5

I'm going to give birth and the only things I've bought are: 1. crib 2. diapers 3. baby oil 4. baby powder 5. baby wipes 6. baby bjorn front carrier 7. car seat 8. lots of clothes 9. soy formula in case i can't b___stfeed 10. baby bottles 11. pacifers 12. a NASAL aspirator (very important, or so i've heard) 13. bottle scrubers 14. blankets to swaddle baby 15. a b___st pump ( this is the only thing i haven't bought yet). I did not go out and buy all the 'fancy' things such as a swing, bouncy seat, ba__sinet, etc, mainly because I just don't have the money. But I hope my list helps. (ps i still don't have a stroller, but when they are newborns you can take them in the car/carrier seat or strap them on to your chest with the baby bjorn.) It's going to be really cold anyway, since I'm having a dec/jan baby. Goodluck with the baby shower!


be careful - December 6

with baby oils and baby powders. baby powders, if inhaled, can cause pneumonia and baby oils, if ingested, can suffocate an infant. read here for more info: (remove all dashes (-) as they aren't supposed to be in the web address.


shelbi - December 6

there are SO MANY things you can do without. we decided not to get a diaper genie (they suck) or any type of diaper pail. i don't like the idea of storing c___p in my baby's room (when you open the pail to put a new diaper in, the smell escapes - period!), i'm not so lazy that i can't tie it up in a walmart bag and take it out to the garage (despite his room being on the 2nd floor LOL). as far as baths, you can always start out by taking a bath with your baby. it's great for bonding and they enjoy it more. you will need gentle soaps. you don't really need a stroller - get a sling - it'll save you $75 and you can b___stfeed on the go! you definitely need diapers, wipes, clothes, blankets, a grooming kit and a carseat.


lmrod55 - December 6

Since you are going to have a shower I don't recommend going out and buying a ton of things. If you have some onsies, receiving blankets, 1 heavier blanket, burp cloths, diapers, wipes, and a carseat you should be good to go. Of course I am a__suming that the shower is w/in a couple weeks of delivery.


TO KATE.... - December 6

Kate, I looked up the Amby Bed website and it does look pretty cool. But it looks like this product may not have been on the market yet for too long. Forgive me if I'm wrong in saying that since I haven't done a thoughrough research on this product yet. I'm tempted to buy one for my newborn (I'm due end of December). However, I would be just a little afraid to place my infant in a product that may not have been very well tested yet such as this one versus the more tried-and-true ones out there such as a basinait, a cradle or a pack & play. Also, you would think that lying in that position for extended periods of time may damage their spine. How did you personally hear about this product and in your opinion, how safe would you say that you actually think it is???


kate - December 6

Regarding the amby bed, it's been on the market for at least 15 years. You can read their FAQ section about how the amby helps head shape (since so many babies placed to sleep on their backs on mattresses are getting flat heads) and how it doesn't hurt their spine (it straightens out once the baby is in it). Pediatricians have bought these for their babies as well. How did I hear about it? My friend has one. Her baby would not sleep very well through the night and his head was getting too flat. Her ped. recommended she check out amby beds. They've been very happy with it. And they are sturdy - her 18 month old son even likes to nap in it once in awhile. Dr Sears (well known pediatrician) also recommends them. We're going to get one because our first baby slept best in her swing, and while I love our old fashioned cradle that was handed down to us from my grandparents, I think the amby will be better for our son. That cradle is just too hard! From the reports I read on that website, it looks very safe. Check it out more - if you decide to buy one you can get new-in-the-box cheaper ones from ebay.


MC - December 7




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