Baby S Going To Kick Right Through My Cervix

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s - June 19

I've gotten this quite a few times in the last couple months... feeling as though the baby is going to kick or punch her way through my opening! Tonight, though, it was rough! She was doing it so much that I wasn't sure if I'd have her here sitting on my computer chair. I thought she'd at least break the water. She was hitting so hard that it took my breath away and I even had hardening of the stomach when it occured. I almost started thinking I was having contractions 10 seconds apart! YEEK! That was a little scary. Thankfully it only last about 8 minutes! Anyone else get this? And if anyone knows, is this somehow the baby descending more or getting ready to come or is she just mad for not having much room left?? lol. (I am 37 weeks)


c - June 19

Sounds like she is using your bladder as a trampoline. Hardening of the stomach sounds like contractions to me. Hopefully she will turn from the breech position, to something more comfortable for you. Until she figures out that you ribs are a musical instrument.


saydie - June 19

My baby has been doing that to, i know what you are talking about it is not confortable at all. The doc said it is okay though so i wouldnt worry about it that much. I have been feeling her kicking me down there like that since i was about 23 weeks. The doc said that she just must be pretty strong, but it is okay so not to worry about it.


KH - June 19

I have experienced this also - the pressure is overwhelming. Is this your second baby? I've heard that the 2nd sits lower in the pelvis b/c it's already more wide down there....


s - June 19

Yes, it is my second baby! Perhaps the reasoning for this. Now I'm a little nervous though... I could go anytime and I really hope she's not in the breech position! 2 weeks ago I had an ultrasound because the dr. wasn't sure if she was feeling the head or the b___t in my upper abdomen. It showed that she was head down and the Dr said she was in "perfect position". I hope that hasn't changed! Thanks for the comments though, breech or not breech at least I know others feel it too.


Kara - June 20

If she's head down then she must be punching your cervix, she must be a regular little boxer! :-)


rmp - June 21

I am 36 weeks and I get the same feeling everyday all day and I have been having braxton hicks contractions for a month now. My doc told me that everything we are going though in this stage of pregnancy is a very good thing.



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