Baby S Growth Spurt In The Womb

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mandee25 - September 10

When is usually the time when the baby has the biggest growth spurt in the womb or does it vary? I have heard it is between 28-32 weeks.


blessed_in_2006 - September 11

My doctors told me the last 3 weeks of pregnancy. The baby picks up fat in the 3rd trimester, but the last 3 weeks is when he/she picks up to most weight approx. a 1/2 pound to 1 pound each week depending on the person.


sunshyne9 - September 11

Ya I think its in the last month aswell too.. Cause i know that when you go overdue that's when your baby can grow alot too.. My daughter was 12 days overdue and was 9pounds 1 ounce and I wans't measuring any bigger before that. If you read a week by week stages of pregnancy you will see where your baby does alot of growing.. I check there every week lol


venus_in_scorpio - September 11

im sure it varies from baby to baby but generally ive heard from 32 weeks on they grow pretty quick.


AmyF - September 11

My dr told me between 32-34 weeks is their last growth spurt....and boy was he right on. This little guy gained 2 lbs.


Perl - September 28

During my last visit my Dr. told me that generally baby's growth slows down in the last 4 weeks and that growth spurts usuallly will happen before 36 weeks.


Betul - September 28

I agree with Perl, during the last month, after 36 weeks weight actually slows. If you notice, most mom's weight stops during the last month and some even lose weight. Yes, the baby continues to acc_mulate fat but not at the same fast rate it did prior to 36 weeks. At my 38 week appt (last Friday) my midwife told me that according to my u/s my baby was 7lb 12 oz but she said not to worry the baby probably wouldn't gain too much more. I have also lost 4 lbs in the last month. Very much unlike me as I have gained 40 lbs this pregnancy.


Lilu - September 28

I was told the baby gains about a lb every 11 days at 30 weeks...


blessed_in_2006 - September 28

I spoke with my Dr. and Nurse on Yesterday (9/27/06). They both said that at about 36 to 40 weeks is when the baby picks up the most because he/she is storing fat. That is why baby's have dimples and fat cheeks. That is why there is a differences in baby's that are born before 36 or 37 weeks. Most are healthy just not as chubby.


blessed_in_2006 - September 28

Growth does not slow down the last 4 weeks. It actually picks up. That is why doctors what babies to be full term or close to full term as possible.


Perl - September 28

Betul: it helps to hear that your experience matches what my Dr. said also that a few of you have Drs saying the same thing as mine. BTW, Betul, you are almost there at 38 weeks----best of luck to you!!! I just wanted to add that I found a pregnancy book that does mention that baby fat is added towards the end but that weight gain should slow down from about 1 lb to about 1/2 pound per week right about now for me (I'm 32 weeks). I guess it's true even for babies that fat does not weigh as much as muscle (& bone), but it sure makes our babies plump!


Celia - September 28

My Dr also told me that the baby would pick up most of her weight before 36 weeks and that 36-40 would actually slow down alot. That why he scheduled my u/s to measure her next week (36 wks) so he could get a more accurate guess and know she was past her growth spurts. blessed... most Dr's want baby's to be closer to full term because of lung maturity. The last few weeks baby's are fully developed except their lungs.



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