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carol23 - June 13

My baby is usually very active, but for some reason, as of yesterday afternoon, it seems as if he's just been relaxing. He usually kicks really hard, all day long, and today he's just been squirming very little here and there. Is that normal or should I be concerned? Also........ when does the fetal movement slow down? I'm currently 28 weeks.


carol23 - June 13

I spoke too soon. Right as i hit submit, I felt my lil guy move. lol. He kicked me really hard as if he was saying "MOMMY I'M OK!!!. I'm still worried about him not moving very much all day long. Anyone experience anything similar?


JESS1980 - June 13

Hi Carol23. I wouldn't worry if I were you. My baby does the same thing. He is usually very active every day....but it seems like at least once a week he'll have a "slow" day where he doesn't move very much. But so far my pregnancy has been perfect. Just keep in mind that unborn babies are like adults....they have days where they are more tired than usual, days when they might want to sleep more than usual, etc.. Also, on days that you have been very active the baby might not seem to move as much. I've read that when the mother walks a lot the rhythm seems to soothe the baby and put it to sleep. So keep all those things in mind. I think movement starts to slow down around 32 weeks, but I'm sure it's different for every women. If you're really concerned though, the best thing to do is ask your doctor. GOOD LUCK!!!


Mingill - June 13

I'm 27 weeks, and my little nugget is usually very active, but some days are quieter than others. Maybe baby is just concentrating on growing.


carol23 - June 13

Thanks ladies. Nice to know I'm not alone here. Just can't help but worry you know? I even ate his favorite food .... Yogurt! That usually gets my lil one going even more, and this time he just squirmed a little. I guess it IS his lazy day. It's so cute that they have lazy days too. lol


miraclebaby - June 13

It also happened to me and I was going crazy, one day I poked and moved my stomach , ate tried everything and she would not move, the next day she moved all day. But that one day was hell for me. LOL I made myself sick with fear.


Traci76 - June 13

I could have posted this last week!!! I was very worried, he had a few days in a row where he was not moving at all like he had been.. My conclusion finally was that he was in a different position!! He's been back to normal for several days now, and Mommy is happy!!! I'm 30 weeks, so this happened when I was 29 weeks.


kayla_shauntel_05 - June 13

During your 28th to 32 th week you can expect a decrease in fetal movement. Not always, but a lot of women due.


kayla_shauntel_05 - June 13

I meant do, not due. Sorry!!!


carol23 - June 14

Today is a little bit better. He's definitely moving more than yesterday, but it's a lot less than he used to. Maybe he's just getting his baby fat and finds it harder to move.


redemptive_angel - June 14

I am 35 weeks and it seams that at around 32 weeks my little girl stopped kicking and now she just rolls around, squirms, and pushes out (instead of kicking). I was told it is perfectly normal because the baby is running out of room. just pay attention to the amt. of squirms within and hour (it should be ten). If your still worried drink orange juice, it should make them more active.


Nesha - June 14

hi... i had the same thing happen with my baby and i was worried about it but my doctor told me that its normal sumtimes because baby is geting bigger. For me when ever i wondered i went to the hospital and they always made sure everything was okie...As long as your baby is healthy you got nothing to worry about. Like my mother told me maybe youll be lucky and have a clam baby....Good luck with everything



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