Baby S Movement Changing Type And Frequency

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cayingo - December 21

I am 28w3d, and have noticed the past week or so that my baby's movements have gone from the sudden and obviolus jabs and thumps to a lot more squirming and rolling. He has been such a busy boy since I started feeling him move at 16w, but lately he doesn't feel as active. Is this all b/c he's growing and there's not as much room? Should I call my OB or am I just being paranoid?


star_eyes - December 21

Hello! I am 38 weeks and I remember right around the time that you are at is when I noticed a change in movement too. It was litteraly like one day it suddenly felt different. My baby has been just fine however so I know for sure for me it was just because my lo was getting bigger. As long as you're still feeling movement I wouldn't worry about what kind it is...It's definitely going to continue to change the further along you get. Hope that helps!


ROBYN - December 21

Melissa i responded on our thread but here is what came today for our 29 week update its kinda long but it should ease your mind. 29 Weeks Pregnant The Baby Your baby is now just over 2 pounds (1 kilo) and a little over a foot (36.5 centimeters) long. It's still over ten weeks to wait until he will appear. He will grow for about ten more weeks and you feel him move frequently. His movements are now pretty strong and if he kicks continuously against the same spot, it can get sore. If he is in the top part of your abdomen, he pushes against your stomach and at the bottom it's your bladder that may suffer. Your baby can still move to all sides and he has enough room to do summersaults. If he is positioned with his head at the bottom, you feel the wiggling and scratching of his little hands. If his head is in your upper abdomen, it seems like there's a basketball game going on. There are also days that you feel very little and that's when your child is asleep. If you are very busy during the day especially, he will keep quiet. At night, on the other hand, he comes to life and there is a good chance that he will keep you from sleeping. Either by kicking against an empty stomach which makes you wake up due to the heartburn, or by twisting so much that it wakes you up. Be patient for a few more months and then your child will get stuck with his little head in one place. Did you know that, as a matter of fact, you don't even feel half of all of his movements? Although the pattern of his movements will change from day to day, he is likely to establish some sort of waking and sleeping routine. While he's awake, you'll get used to certain rhythms and patterns. If you notice his movements change dramatically - weaker, or far less frequent - you may want to call your health care provider (HCP) to discuss it. Baby may be having a slow day. But don't worry unnecessarily, follow your instinct and do not hesitate to contact your HCP or doctor.


cayingo - December 23

Thanks Robyn, that does help put my mind at ease. :)



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