Baby S Size How Could You Predict It

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Hannah - February 22

Hi, everyone, I know there is no scientific way to predict the baby's size before he is born but I am a bit anxious. HIs daddy is a big guy - 6.2 and 210 lbs and has a kid that was born at 10 lbs! He himself was 9 lbs... Can my doc tell what size my baby will be in advance? I am 32 weeks now and am measure at 33 centimeters.


robin - February 22

Hi Hannah, I was worried about the same thing. My hubby weighed in at 11lbs. at birth and I weighed 8lbs. I am only 5'4" 125 (prepregnancy) so I am also terrified of trying to push out a whale! I asked my doc and he said I will probably have a 7 pounder. I have also heard that doctors are wrong a lot when predicting weight, they are only guessing! Good luck!


mel - February 22

they are supposed to be able to do measurements on the ultrasounds and use some forumla to calculate weight. but I think it's a bunch of c___p. I've heard of so many doctors being wrong when doing this. from what I've read on my own, it's believed that a woman's baby size is directly related to her size and that in "MOST" cases a woman won't carry a baby larger than she can deliver. the operative word there, being "most".


Cabbie - February 22

Drs cannot really tell you. My SIL had an ultrasound at 38 weeks with her firstborn. She was immediately sent to a high risk doctor because the baby supposedly only weighed 4 pounds. Guess what a week later she delivered a 7 lb 3 oz baby. My cousin was induced due to a big baby. The baby was born at 6 lbs. They just don't really know. Its just a guess.


gina - February 22

Hi Hannah! Just to ease your mind. I dont think there is any real way to predict size of baby, and while genetics can play a part......thats not all there is. My mother is 5'4", and was a small lady when she got pregnant with my sister and I. My sister (who was born first) weighed in at 7lbs 12oz. I came along as a whopper at 9lbs 4oz. My mom had a MUCH easier labor with me. she said I practically fell out of her, and my sister took hour or so of hard pushing. Size does not mean a more difficult labor. I also just had a friend who had a 9lb 1oz little girl. She did not have an epistiotomy, and had a fairly easy labor. On the flip side of things.... I have heard of women who had average to smaller babies, and had a heck of a time delivering the baby. do not worry............I'm sure everything will be fine.


erin - February 22

A few weeks ago, someone on here (I think it was here) posted a website where you can predict your baby's birth weight by using a math equation. The article about it is at and it's called You can predict your newborn's weight. It's kind of a complicated equation but I tried it and it said my baby would weigh 8.5 pounds on my due date. It's worth a try! Just go to the site and search for the article. It's pretty interesting.


to Hannah - February 22

you can't


Cabbie - February 22

Neat webmd site. My baby will be about 8.5 lbs as well according to that. My first was 7 lbs 6 oz. and my second was 8 lbs 14 oz.



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